Pet Hair PickUp
Pet Hair PickUp



Pet Hair Pickup


Are you sick and tired of using sticky rollers that half way remove your pet’s hair?

PetHangout is patting ourselves on the back over our Pet Hair Pickup from our  Cool Cat Accessories collection.     This mitt fits nicely on any hand and conveniently pulls your pet’s hair off of most anything – clothes, furniture, curtains, bedding, etc.   It outperforms sticky tape rollers hands down and is easy to clean.

Questions about our mitt?   Send us a message or call: 877.860.1278

Why we love:

  • Colors:  Green
  • Fits on your hand
  • Ultra easy to clean
  • Made of natural sponge
  • Dimensions: 9 x 8 inches
  • Better than sticky tape rollers – no more refills either

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Pet Hair PickUp

  • $7.00

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