“You can trust your dog to guard your house but never trust your dog to guard your sandwich.”
- Unknown ~
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- ~ Pet Hangout ~

Cool Cats

The very best Cat Stuff that will make your cat chase its tail for days!!

PetHangout carries hand-picked cat stuff that we know will make your cat or kitten purr nonstop.    We all know that cats are very special and intriguing pets.    Our goal is to carry only the finest supplies like the ultimate cat furniture for scratching so that your kitty always feel content, playful, and healthy.    If you have specific items that you would love for us to carry and do not see on our site, please drop us a quick email at contactus@pethangout.com or send a message and let us know.

And if you need a kitty laugh, watch this…

 Among our assortment:

  • What is the one thing that can be frustrating with your sweet kitty?   Yes,  it is certainly the good ole litter box.     Your cat’s litter box does not have to encompass your whole life.   You can overcome the frustrations by doing a few simple things.   Make sure you are scooping out the litter once a day to keep it fresh and clean.   Your cat and nose will thank you.  You can also use litter box liners which ensures that the box bottom always stays dry and clean.  Whether you are looking for cat litter furniture to disguise the “not so pretty” box or litter accessories to make your job easier when it’s time to clean, we have all of your cat litter needs.
  • All  cats love to scratch and play.   A cat’s natural instinct is to sharpen their claws and keep them  in top shape for whatever may come their way.   If your cat stays indoors,  they need a healthy alternative to sharpening their claws instead of  visiting your prized sofa or  chair.  Furniture for scratching provides entertaining spots for your cats to maintain a healthy defense.      Your kitty may even decide to work on their claws and then stop for a quick nap on this adorable kitty lounger.
  • Is there anything cuter than watching your kitten or cat go after the furry feathered bird you just bought them?      Cats are inquisitive, energetic creatures who love to pounce, stalk, and chase the best cat toys.     Not to mention the hours or fun and laughter it brings to you and your family.   Our cool cat toys like the catnip bubbles or the cat charmer are the best for keeping your cat hopping and rocking!
  • Cats are natural climbers and stalkers.   Their ancestors had to do this for survival in the wild.  Although your purr-fect kitty no longer has to hunt for their food, it is in their very makeup to locate a high perch like one of our cat towers for observing and possibly pouncing on their object of play.  They also feel the safest when they can look out over their environment from a high vantage point like from this high cat tower reaching 78 inches!

PetHangout is convinced that you will find the perfect stuff for your cat or kitten here at the coolest online pet store.   If you have any questions about our products, please email  us: contactus@pethangout.com or call: (877)860-1278.



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Cat Odor Destroyer

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Cat Pan Liners

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Kitty Scooper

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Track-Less Litter Mat

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