What is a cat's favorite magazine?...... Good Mousekeeping - Ha !!!
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How long can a dog go without water? Safely, not very long. They start yearning for it after 1/2 a day. Their life is threatened after 3 - 7 days.
- ~ Pet Hangout ~

Toys And Games

Toys And Games

So, name one thing that is healthy for your pet and makes you smile too...

Yes, you guessed it - Playing!   PetHangout  knows that your dog or puppy gets wonderful exercise by playing with toys, running and fetching, or just playing tug of war with you.   Our Toys and Games Collection from our Cool Dogs category has a large assortment of play things for your pet.   Your dog loves to play with you so why not buy him or her the best dog toys today so that both of you can smile.

Among our  assortment:

  • Chew - need we say more?   We know most doggies love to chew and destroy.   These toys will meet that need for your dog.
  • Cuddle - nite nite?   Our dogs can become attached to cuddle toys much like a security blanket.   We have a huge supply!
  • Interactive - it is so much fun to watch your dog interact with these toys.
  • Kong - famous brand for toughness and durability!
  • Puzzles - challenges for your dog to discover.  Great for building intellect and satisfying curiosity.

Looking for something special?   Please drop a note or call 877-860-1278.   Let us do the hard work and try to find it!

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