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Dog Mats

Dog Mats

Find your perfect dog mat to keep messes down and your happy factor up!

PetHangout offers a large variety of dog mats from our Hungry Dog Feeding Collection.    We are proud of our great assortment of mats and encourage you to browse to find one for your pet needs.    Mats help keep messes in one spot and saves your floor from stains and damage.   Your doggie will appreciate a groovy cool mat too!

Among our assortment:                                                           

  • Hip Designs - We have colorful designs like this raspberry mat that cleans easily.
  • Lipped - This green mat is nonskid and has a lip to keep food and water on the mat.
  • Anti-microbial - This mat is great for not only feeding but also outdoors or in crates and kennels.

Questions on our dog mats?   Drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.   We will get right on it!

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Dog Mat - Caramel

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Dog Mat - Chestnut

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Dog Mat - ChocMint

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Dog Mat - Green

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Dog Mat - Nectarine

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Dog Mat - Olive

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Dog Mat - Orange

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Dog Mat - Polka

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Dog Mat - Raspberry

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Dog Mat - Sand

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Dog Mat - Sandstone

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Dog Food Mat

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Dog Mat

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Dog Mat - Steak

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