“A happy arrangement: many people prefer cats to other people, and many cats prefer people to other cats.”
- Mason Cooley ~
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Your baby looking a little more like a wooly long haired scruffy than a well groomed pet?

If you need to give your dog or cat a little trim,  PetHangout has the very best  cat & dog grooming tools from our Grooming category.   A well kept pet reflects well on the pet parent and we know you only want the very best for your sweet baby.   SHOP our unique and useful line of tools that will help you trim,  de-shed, comb and shape your pet's fur into a masterpiece!

Among our products:

Questions on our tools for grooming?   Drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.   We'll make fur fly to find your answer!

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ConairPRO Dog Shampoo Massage Brush

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ConairPRO Dog Shed It Small

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ConairPRO Dog Slicker Brush

 ConairPRO Dog Slicker BrushPetHangout is removing that undercoat with our ConairP..


ConairPRO Dog Slicker Medium

ConairPRO Dog Slicker MediumPetHangout is detangling with ease your dog’s coat with our Con..


ConairPRO Dog Small Nail Clipper

 ConairPRO Dog Small Nail ClipperPetHangout is shaping up your pet’s nails with ou..


ConairPRO Dog Soft Pin Brush

 ConairPRO Dog Soft Pin BrushPetHangout is gently removing all the dead hair with ..


ConairPRO Doggie Comb

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ConairPRO Metal Pin Brush

 ConairPRO Metal Pin BrushPetHangout is detangling those long coats with our Conai..


Deshedding Tool - L

 DeShedding Tool – LPetHangout is getting rid of your dog’s undercoat with our&nbs..


Dog Trimmer

 Dog TrimmerPetHangout is helping you trim your dog like a pro with our Dog T..


Micro-trimmer - Palm

 Micro-Trimmer – PalmPetHangout is helping you with the fine touches on your pet w..


Pet Dryer

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Pet Home Grooming Kit

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