16 Things You Need to Know about Your Cat's Eyes

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16 things you need to know about your cat's eyes.


What exactly is going on behind that mysterious cat eye?

Have you ever looked into a cat’s eye?

I think they are absolutely gorgeous, regardless of their color.

Their shape, depth, and size make their eyes stand out from all other animals!



Did you know?


1.  A kitten’s eyes are closed for their first week of life.  This is to allow their eyes time to develop fully.   

Newborn kittens eyes stay closed for a week.



2.  All kitten’s eyes are blue at first.  This is still part of the development process.   It takes on average 2 to 3 weeks for them to turn to their real color.



3.  If a solid white cat has one or two blue eyes, they could be deaf.  This is known as a condition called heterochromia.  The cat is normally deaf in the ear closest to the blue eye.

White cats can have a green eyes and a blue eye.



4.  Cat’s eyes can adjust faster than us to light changes.   Their eyes can expand and constrict lightening fast!



5.  Contrary to what most people believe, cats cannot see in total darkness.    I know this seems crazy because we all know that cat’s love to prowl at night.   However, they can see better than we can in low light.



6.  It’s very rare to see dirty cat eyes.   Kitties take great care to keep their shining eyes bright and clear.  They lick their paw, then brush it across their face, making sure to cover the area over their eyes.   Sometimes they will brush their paw over their eyes 2 or 3 times to be sure they have gotten it squeaky clean!

Cats clean their face and eyes by licking their paws.



7.  A cat’s eyes have a complex set of muscles controlling it which gives it more agility than other animals.    The shape of their pupil is a vertical slit-like shape that can open and close very rapidly.



8.  Cats have the largest eyes relative to their head of all mammals on earth.  Cats have a 3rd eyelid than serves as added protection and produces tears.

Cats eyes are huge relative to their head.



9.  Cats eyes are truly windows into their whole being.  Their pupils grow very huge when they are frightened or anxious.   A narrow pupil usually indicates they are relaxed and quite happy.



10.  Colors to cats look a lot different than they do to us.   Colors often will appear faded out to them.  Blue is the easiest color for them to see while red is the toughest. 



11.  A cat’s eye comes in all types of shapes and colors depending on their heritage and breed.  Common shapes are almond and round - common colors are green, brown, hazel, and blue.



12.  A cat that stares at you is usually sizing you up.  They either hate your guts, love you like nobody’s business, or trying to figure out how to get their next kitty treat.

Cats state because they love or hate you.



13.  A cat may close those pretty eyes to sleep on average 12 - 16 hours a day.   Woah, talk about your beauty sleep!



14.  Cats blink their eyes on average 1 - 2 times/minute.   They do not need to lubricate their eyes like we do.   They mainly blink to acknowledge their acceptance of us or when they are at peace.  We normally blink on average 15 - 20 times/minute and so does man’s best friend, the dog.   We and the dog blink a lot more to keep our eyes from drying out.

Cats only blink twice per minute.



15.  Cats have eyelashes but they are not very distinct.   They tend to blend in with the fur around their eyes.



16.  The most common cat eye color is greenish-yellow.

Common cat eye color is greenish yellow.




The next time your cat comes around, just observe their beautiful eyes and see if you can figure out what is going on behind those gorgeous kitty eyes!   




Do you know some cool eye facts about cats?   Share below!


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