3 Sad and Scary Things That Happened To Me

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3 Sad and Scary Things That Happened To Me



Meow….  Sam here - Your blogging Tabby Cat.


So, in my last post, I introduced myself as the newest writer with The Tale Wagger.    I know its a bit unconventional, but I can bring the purrest perspective to you from a cat’s point of view.

Anyway, when we last talked, I told you how I met my newest (and most favorite human I might add), named Donna.

Listen to my story of some things that happened to me and how Donna intervened to bring me out of the daily struggles of outdoor kitty life!

So, it was really all her fault - I swear (not Donna’s but a little cute girl names Patches.)    She lives 3 leaps over and through the woods at a really nice house.    

Patches the diva cat.

She and some of her peeps hang out all day and all night on and under their big front porch.   The lady that lives there, Paula, was always so sweet to all of us felines.   She always made sure she brought us treats before bedtime and gave 2 balanced meals a day to each and every one of us homeless kitties.


On a side note though, Donna, my human, did the same thing at her house for those kitties that chose to hang there.


Anyway, back to Patches.   Let’s just say Patches was all hot and bothered and was looking for a Dad for her babies-to-be.


Being the gentle kitty-man that I am, I took it upon myself to help her out…  Although I really was warming up to Donna and hanging out at her house, I decided to set up camp at Paula’s house, for the sake of my girl, Patches.   


Sam lurking around at Paula's house.

Can you see me peering in the window above?  (and can you see in the background the sweet deal us kitties had over there?  ...complete with comfy beds and heaters too!)    I was looking for some chow for sure...in the other picture, I'm just hanging beside the porch. 


Here’s one big problem though.  

Patches had another suitor named Cheddar.   And wouldn’t you know it, he was an orange Tabby Cat too.    I really didn’t want to fight or anything like that but just figured I could win her over with my good lucks and charm.


One big problem with that.   Paula.    She took my eagerness to impress Patches as aggression toward the other kitties.


And I learned from the grapevine that she called Donna, my human.   I mean really, was that even necessary?    I had the best of intentions here…  not to harm, but to do good - spread my love and good genes around..you know..share the love!

I overheard that they were planning to capture me and haul me off somewhere to do God knows what to me!

I quickly threw on my defense mechanism and did not even fall for the ole smelly food in the back of the cage trick.   I think Paula became frustrated with me and even called some trapping people.    Ha, their efforts were fruitless too.  But they did manage to catch Cheddar - poor ole bud...  he tee he...purrrrr...

Cheddar got trapped. 

Who do they think I am anyway?   I didn’t survive the wild by being a naive kitty.  

Long story short, they never could catch me.   Donna suggested to Paula that she should stop feeding me and yep that worked.   I headed straight back over to Donna’s house!!   

She quickly opened the door and I went running into her house!   Yeah, I admit it, I was so very hungry!!  I mean, I got used to eating kitty kitty food on a plate.  It was quite nice.


But wait - hold on!   Do you know what Donna did?   She ended up making me stay in her house and held me hostage in an upstairs bathroom.  

Sam in his recovery suite.

She put this strange box in the room with me that had some kind of dusty substance in it that sort of smelled minty weird to me.


I’m not sure what I was supposed to do with it.    But eventually, I had to go pee so so so bad.  I jumped in this box and did my business.  I used this minty stuff to cover up my mess.   It worked okay I must admit but maybe not as good as good ole dirt!


The next day Donna shoved me in this tiny container and left me at a strange place where lots of dogs were barking and cats were meowing…


I was so very scared.   I must admit - to have been a brave kitty all my life, this new venture was making my stomach draw up in knots.

I didn’t know if I would ever see my friends again or my human, Donna.   I just hoped she wasn’t mad at me too.   I felt like all the humans in my life had deserted me or hated me…

I felt very sad and all alone…

Then suddenly I fell into a deep sleep…..

Stay tuned to the final part of my introductory story.   It's a bit of an emotional roller coaster so prepare and hold on!

Meow...see you next time!  Thanks for caring and stay safe out there!  

It can be a harsh and cruel world out there sometimes!!   

Purrs and Rubs,

Sam The Cat


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