35 Little Known Kitty Trivia That Will Astonish You

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35 little known kitty trivia that will astonish you


We have rounded up some really cool trivia about your kitty and want to share with you today!   

Let's see which ones amazes and surprises you the most!


35 Little Known Kitty Trivia That Will Astonish You:


  • A cat will spend nearly 30% of its life grooming itself.


  • A cat will never break a sweat because it has no sweat glands.


  • 95% of cat parents say they talk to their cats.


  • A cat has approximately 244 bones in its body. A human only has 206 bones.


  • A cat sees about 6 times better than a human at night.

A cat can see great in the dark.


  • A cat uses its whiskers as a measuring tape.   It tells it if they can fit through a small opening.


  • A cat’s heart beats twice as fast as a human’s heart - that’s about 110 - 140 beats/minute.


  • A cat’s jaw cannot move sideways.


  • A cat’s tail plays an intricate role in helping them land on their feet when falling from high places.

A cat's tail helps him land upright.


  • You thought dogs could hear high pitches.    A cat can hear sounds as high-pitched as 65 kHz.    To compare, a human's range of hearing stops at around 20 kHz.


  • A frightened cat can motor!    They can reach speeds up to 32 mph; slightly faster than the fastest human.


  • A polecat is not a cat.   It is actually a weasel!


  • No wonder I can’t sneak up on my cat.   They only deep sleep about 15% of the time they are sleeping.


  • Calico cats are normally female.   It is highly rare to find a male Calico.

Calicos are normally females.


  • In England, a black cat is considered to be a lucky charm.


  • Cats can get age spots.


  • Cats are a compass!   They have a homing ability by using the angle of the sun, the earth’s magnetic field, and its own biological clock.


  • Cats are vocalists.   They have about 100 different sounds they can make.  In comparison, a dog has about 10!

Cats can make many sounds vocally.


  • If you add up your cat’s purr hours, it totals over their lifetime to be around 10,000 hours!


  • Cats will lap up a drink 4 or 5 times before 1 swallow.


  • A kitten’s whiskers form inside the womb before their fur.


  • Cats actually have whiskers on other parts of their body like above their eyes and on the back of their front legs.     These help protect them and feel for prey.

Cats have whiskers in multiple places for protection.


  • A kitty’s front claws are normally sharper than the hind claws for defense purposes.


  • Domestic cats can do something all other cat species cannot do - hold their tail upright while walking.


  • Cats only have 473 tastebuds.   We have about 9,000 taste buds.


  • The paws on a cat’s front paws act as cushions for absorbing shock and anti-skid action for quick stops.

A Cat's pads help cushion their body.


  • When a cat is running full speed, their long stride puts them completely airborne.

Cats can get airborne when running.


  • A cat can move in almost every direction at any point in time.   Their shoulder blades and tiny collarbone help them do this with ease.


  • A cat’s claws are considered protractible, meaning they are normally hidden until the cat chooses to extend them out.


  • Their claws automatically retract back in to help keep them sharp.

Cat's claws automatically retract back in.


  • Cats feel safest when their surroundings smell like themselves.   This is why they will try to deposit their scent by marking and licking.


  • A cat’s purring is actually therapeutic.  The vibrations help to repair their body, promote healing, and relieve pain.     Note:  It is also soothing and calming to their human.


  • During a cat’s lifetime, their accumulated “purr time” exceeds 10,000 hours!




  • Cats can see colors like red, blue, gray, green, and yellow.


  • Cats have 13 pairs of ribs - the 13th actually floats and isn’t connected to anything!


Pet Hangout hopes you enjoyed these little kitty tidbits!



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