Calling All Pet Parents - How To Make Your Life Easier

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calling all et parents - how to make your life easier



Want to make your life easier?  

So, do you just dread lugging heavy bags of dog or cat food from the shelf to the buggy, from the buggy to the car, and from the car to your pet’s storage area?


There is a better way, I promise.


I personally have been using this method for over 2 years without 1 glitch!


It’s called Chewy’s Auto Ship Program and it is simply wonderful.


Every 8 weeks or so, I get my cats’ and dogs’ food delivered right to my front door.   I simply set the items I want to be delivered and how often and “walla”, the rest is pure magic!

Chewy's auto ship program with boxes at your front door.


If on occasion, I want to throw in an extra item OR remove an item OR change the timing of the delivery, OR just simply cancel auto-ship (but I can’t imagine why in the world you would ever want to), it's super duper easy to do too.

And a shout out to Chewy’s awesome customer service.    One time, Chewy was out of stock for my cat’s food but instead of holding my auto-ship until they had more in, listen to what they did!.

The customer service representative gave me a phone call…explained that they were out and asked if they could ship the next size up of the food (but for the same price).    Of course, this was a better deal for me, hands down.   I said yes!!!    

Instead of just throwing the bag in the shipment, they took the time to explain the situation and to let me know what they would like to do.   This was so thoughtful of Chewy and pretty much won me over to their Autoship program.    They were that concerned about changing my auto-ship order, even if it was for the better.    

Another perk is that you save great $$$ when on auto-ship with Chewy.   When you choose to order this way, you save 5% - 10% on each item!    Let me tell you, these savings add up really fast.   


Check out my savings since I've been on auto-ship...

Chewy's autoship savings.


That's 2 big bags of FREE pet food for me!


And did I mention Chewy gives 1-2 day free shipping on orders $49 or more?    This adds even more to your savings and gets it to you crazy fast!  


Chewy has free 1-2 day shipping



I can wait 'till almost the bottom of the food bag and change my shipment to say “ship now” and I literally have the food at my door in 2 days normally.    Of course, you can’t wait until you run completely out of food but if you're toward the end, you can still get the auto-ship to you so fast using the “ship now” feature.


Chewy has a Ship Now button for the autoship program.




Are you ready to join Chewy's Autoship too?     You won’t regret a minute of getting your pet’s food like this.     I can’t think of one reason why you wouldn’t want to try this program out for yourself!

Oh wait, I almost forgot to tell you this.    When you join, you save 30% off of first AutoShip order!!  


Is that crazy or what?    


Even if you cancel later (because you’re delusional to how great it is..ha ha), you’ve saved an amazing amount of moolah on your pet’s food!


Save 30% off your first Chewy autoship order.




Worried about how you’re going to handle these heavy boxes of food dumped at your front door?  


Well, I get two really large bags of food delivered.   There is no way I can pick up this heavy box!  


So, I just open it outside and unload the contents one by one.   At that point, it's no different than getting the bag of food out of my car from a visit to the pet store.



Ready to give it a try?  

Just Click on Over to Chewy's home page, add items to your cart, and choose AutoShip during check out!


Not sure how to do Chewy's AutoShip?   

No worries!   

I've given you step by step instructions next...keep reading!


How to Sign Up for Chewy's AutoShip Program:

1.  The first thing you will want to do is create an account with Chewy.   This is how they will know what items to automatically ship to you and when.

  • From Chewy’s home page, hover over the ACCOUNT section in the top right-hand corner of your screen.    A mini-screen will pop up, click “start here” beside "New customer?" 
  • Click Start here to create a new Chewy account.



  • Click on "your account" and you will be taken to a screen where it says “I’m a new customer”
  • I'm a new customer page.
  • - Click "Create Account"
  • - Enter your Full Name, Email Address, and a Password.    
  • - Click “Create Account" again to actually create your account
  • Create account on Chewy's page.


That’s it, it’s that super easy!

  • Chewy will automatically sign you in with your new account.
  • Now, all you need to do is add your items to the shopping cart! 
  • Chewys shopping cart.



  • While viewing your shopping cart, click “proceed to Checkout”.   You will see Chewy’s One-step Checkout Appear… 
  • Chewy's one-step check out


  • After filling out your Shipping and Payment information, scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  • You will see the Start AutoShip section.  It will have “no, thank you” preselected.  
  • If you want to do Auto Ship, select “Yes, make my life easy”.  You will also see the estimated $$ in savings you will get by doing AutoShip.   As you can see, I’m going to save $15.25 right now with my order.

    Savings by signing up with Chewy autoship.



  • Next, indicate how often you would like your AutoShip to be sent.   It will default to every 4 weeks.  To change this, click on the up/down arrow beside 4 weeks.   Select the frequency you would like. 
  • Chew autoship frequencies.


  • Next, simply click the orange “Place Order” button in the right-hand corner.

Wasn’t that easy peasy?   I think it couldn’t get much easier.


Now, from this point forward, you can just manage your AutoShip after you sign into your Chewy account.

Once signed in, click AutoShip from the top menu bar.   You will then see a Manage Autoship page.

Manage your autoship with Chewy.

Click anywhere in your AutoShip section to see details.

From the details screen, you can view past auto-ship order details, change your frequency, change when the next shipment is sent, or add/change/delete items that are in your AutoShip!



There is even a big orange & white  “Ship Now” button on this screen to start your next AutoShip shipment now!    I have found this is useful if my estimated timing is off for when to ship next.   


It may take you several months to dial into the perfect schedule for shipping.    It's hard to know at first because most of us aren't keeping up with how often we buy our pet's food.

Chewy autoship details screen.


So are you ready to sign up for Chewy's autoship?    I promise you, you will be singing Chewy praises all day long once you've experienced this wonderful program for yourself.    



Did this post help you with Chewy's autoship?   


       Tell us all about it below...

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