10 Surprises Your Dog is Hoping For This Year

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10 Surprises that your puppy is hoping for


Christmas Gifts for Your Dog!!!

I’ve interviewed many pups this year to come up with their top 10 things they are hoping to get from you, their awesome pet parent, for Christmas this year!

Don’t ya want to make them so so so happy that their tail wags for days and days?

Yep, that’s right…when your dog is happy, it has been proven to raise your level of endorphins and make you feel happier too.   Hey, it’s a win-win for everyone!!

So, Let’s get to it.    and oh, make sure to read the whole list - there’s a surprise for you too!!


Here’s our top 10 list!  


1 - Please tell me - what is the #1 thing your dog loves to do?    Are you thinking?   Is this really a hard question?   ……  EAT  - of course.    But not just anything - eating with purpose and their health in mind is going to be the best way to make them happy and keep them healthy.   A healthy treat not only makes their tail wag but makes you a hero in their heart for sure!  

Check out our best selling treats:

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2 - Next to eating, its gotta be playing.   All those toys!!   there are so many different types to choose from.    The best toy is one that satisfies some need that your pup has.    Their needs range from the need to chew and rip to the need to pull and tug.    Although it just looks like sheer destruction to us, it has a much larger purpose.    Muscle strength and toning are accomplished each time your dog plays fetch, plays tug of war, or even chews on his favorite stuffed animal.  

Please check out our best selling toys:​

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3 - Sleepy pup anyone?   Yep, 3rd in line is a comfortable place to sleep.   Your dog sleeps on average 12 - 14 hours / day.   It could even be more for puppies and senior dogs.      A well-rested pup is a joy to be around.    They are more attentive, easier to train, and less likely to get into trouble.    A quality bed gives your dog’s joints much-needed relief and rest.    Fun, pretty beds also add to your home decor.    

Check out our pretty beds and our top seller:

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4 - "Oh, sometimes I am so bored”    This is what your dog is thinking sometimes.    What about something to challenge them mentally?   Wake up some of those doggie brain cells?   Puzzles that challenge a dog’s intellect can keep them enticed for hours on end.  

Check out our most popular dog puzzles and challenges:

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5 - WArmTh!!   Woah, how would you like to go outside to pee butt naked?    Yep, I didn’t think so…  Well, when the weather is terrible, your dog would love a little warmth and protection from the elements while they are doing their business.    Our line of dog boots and coats can make any dog’s day in the rain a happy day indeed.  

Your dog would love some of this outdoor gear:

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6 - An outside pad that rocks!    If your dog lives outside a lot, then he’s gotta have a place to hide from the wind, rain, and cold.  

Check out our great dog houses:

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7 - Did someone say safety in the car?   Does your dog ride in the car with you?    Do you buckle him up?  No, whaaaaattt?    We all know that our dogs can be like our children and that we always want to take the best care of them!    Not only are you putting your dog’s life in danger, but also your own if you are not securing your pup during travel.  

Check out our top travel solutions to keep everyone safe:

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8 - Walking in style - Your dog called - Told us that when they go for a walk, that they really want to look good for the neighbors!   Ha - well, maybe they don’t care but we know you do.  

Check out our line of trendy collar/leash combos that will make any head turn:

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9 - A little help?    Your small dog needs a little help getting up to those high spots!   We have just the thing with our stylish steps and stairs.  

Check them out now:

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10 - Smelling good?    Your stinky dog would really love some help.  They are pretty tired of people saying, “shoo, you stink” after they pet your dog…  

Check out our stinky dog solutions:

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Do you want to buy some of these surprises for your dog this year?

   It’s your lucky day if you are reading this - because you’re learning a little secret that only our readers are privy too.    Shhhh, that’s right…don't tell.   We have a secret code for you during check out on the above items.    Use code “shhh20’ to get 20% off of any item in this post on PetHangout.com 

It pays to read all the way to the end, doesn’t it??    


Enjoy and tell your pup Merry Christmas from Pet Hangout!!

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