Why Is My Dog So Killer Cool

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Why does my dog look so killer cool?


What makes a Cool Dog?

Well, we've put together some pictures of cool dogs in honor of Wordless Wednesday. 

Why don't you have a look and tell us why they are looking so killer cool!

We think we know - do you?

Check 'em out...

Shepherd by the sea with yellow glasses




White Lab with sunglasses




Dog wearing heart bandana and sunglasses.




Pup with goggles and bandana in car.




Dog wearing camera and glasses.




Dog on motorcyle with glasses.




Cool Shepherd with goggles.




Cool Chihuahua with coats and glasses.


So, did you figure it out yet???

Yep, that's right - sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses (or goggles will do too)!

Fun doggie sunglasses or goggles not only entertain us and raise your dog's cool factor,  but also serves to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, dust, wind, and dirt.   If you are taking your dog for long walks out in the bright sun or for car rides with the wind at their face, please consider a quality pair of eyewear for them.   

Want your dog to look cool too?  

Check out these dog goggles and glasses that not only make our dog look super cool, but protect their eyes too! 


After all, we bet you will be wearing yours ~ ~

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