7 Powerful Reasons You Should Cuddle With Your Dog

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7 Powerful Reasons to Cuddle with Your Dog


Does your dog want to cuddle with you?

Do you like snuggling with your dog? 

Most of us, doggies including, love to be close to those we love and adore.

There are also some awesome reasons why it is beneficial for both of you:



1 - Staying Warm


Getting close to another source of heat is always a good idea when it’s cold.   Not only will your body heat keep your pup warm but their fur and heat will work to keep you snug as a bug too.    If you are outside, try getting out of the wind to increase your warmth.   A ditch, bridge, or anything with a cover will help protect you both from the elements.



2 - Keeping Calm


Your dog’s soothing acceptance and unconditional love goes a long way in helping you feel calm, cool, and collected.  Numerous research studies have proven that owning a pet actually works to reduce your blood pressure, triglyceride levels,  and improve your overall health.  


3 - Feeling Happy


A happy dog that is cuddling with you will definitely rub off.    You will see your mood increase to wonderful levels and enjoy a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude.   Some doctors even recommend terminally ill patients get a dog to help them cope with the struggles of everyday life.  The “feel good” endorphins are released when you experience such a level of happy.  Your dog surely is your best friend - don’t ever forget it!   

And what about how happy cuddling makes your dog feel?   Watch their tail and ears the next time you set up a cuddle session.   They feel loved, content, and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.




4 - Showing Affection 


Your Dog Wants to show their Affection for you.    Every single day, your dog wakes up thinking (how can I please and show my human that they are the “woof”?)   You know your dog hangs on your every word and move.   By cuddling and showing affection, your dog gets to satisfy this hidden mission that is inside of them. 


5 - Belonging


Have you ever observed a litter of pups?   What are they doing?   They are piled up all over each other.   Even before their eyes are open, they go toward each other and end up in a big pile of cuddle and love.   This is proof that from a very early age, your dog is driven by closeness and contact.   Your dog will feel happier and healthier if they can cuddle with their favorite humans.




6  - Making Memories


It makes us sad but the truth is our beloved dogs are not with us very long.   Spending quiet time cuddling or watching tv together makes a strong bonding opportunity between you and your pet.   This creates a warm memory that will last forever.   You will even be able to reflect back on these special times to lift you up in down times.




7 - Having Fun


It’s just plain enjoyable to cuddle with your dog.   You probably got a dog because you enjoy their company.   A dog can enrich your life in so many ways.    They are a great stress reliever from daily struggles and challenges.   When it’s time to unwind and relax, invite your dog over to snuggle and watch the stresses of the day fly away!


Cuddling with your dog is good for you and them.





If you have already been doing a great job of cuddling with your dog, we commend you - keep up the good work!  There are wonderful benefits for you and your pooch.

If you haven’t been cuddling on a regular basis, then today is a new day and the perfect time to start!


Do you cuddle with your dog?    Tell us below ~~


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