14 Canines that are in Love with H2O

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Our theme for this week's Wordless Wednesday is "Dogs and Water".  

We have put together some fun & cute dog pictures indeed where dogs are diving in, running out, and shaking off - and some in between!

Grab up your furry buddy and check these out ~~

Dog leaping out of the water



Dog shaking off the water



Dog retrieving his ball from the lake



Dog pals running out of the water with a stick



Black labrador just out of the lake



Dog taking a drink from a water feature



White lab retrieving his toy from the water



Dog leaping into the pool to get his ball



Silly dog jumping the waves at the beach



Dog diving into the lake



Dog retrieving her frisbee from the water



A dog pawprint at the edge of the surf



A dog family with their humans on the beach

If you enjoyed our theme this week, let us hear from you.  

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