20 Cute Kittens for a Toxic Sweet Crush

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Precious gray kitten on a pink back - lead picture


Are you ready to see pictures of the most adorable kittens on the planet?

Please tell us who doesn't love cute kittens??    They are precious, beautiful, and so humble and sweet that we just can't stand it!      Kitties come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.   And we cannot say enough about the way nature placed the colors in their fur.   Each kitten is unique in their look and personality which just makes them even more amazing and one more reason to adore these delicate little creatures.

Enjoy our kitty collection for this week's Wordless Wednesday.   (This post is all about the pics and less about the words.)


Your kitty crush begins now!

Kitten lying on a checkered blanket



Black and white kittens looking ever so cute



Yellow and white kitten staying at the camera



Kitty looking at us upside down



Grey bluepoint in a basket



Kitty lying on the floor playing with a string



Silly kitty hanging out of a pipe



Yellow tabby chilling on a yellow cushion



Tabby looking up between the rocks



Kitten playing high up in the tree



Playful kitten on back playing with her feet



Two tabbys cuddling together on the rug



Gray and white kitty acting silly for camera



Sweet kitten with red collar



Gray newborn kitten with blue eyes



Kitty sneaking around in the woods



Kitten covering his eyes with a paw



Two kittens showing their love by rubbing heads


Were we right?   Did you just love these sweet kitties?

We know we are feeling all warm and fuzzy now ~~

    Leave us a comment below and tell us about your favorite...

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