7 Reasons Your Cat Might Be Obsessed with Wonderful Water

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7 reasons your cat may be obsessed with wonderful water.


Do cats like water?  

Well, that might be a loaded question!    

If you have ever tried to give a cat a bath, you would probably say, “heck, no…they hate water!”

Making a cat get into the water against their will and letting a cat choose to play with water are very different things.

Based on my observation, cats do love water, generally speaking.  


Check out Pet Hangout's  top  7 Reasons Your Cat Might Be obsessed with Wonderful Water below:



1 - Thirsty kitty

To stay healthy, your cat needs to take in 3.5 - 4.5 ounces of water daily / 5 pounds of body weight.   That’s a good bit of water for a small animal.    Just like us, they can only live about 3 days without water.     

It’s important to change your cat’s water daily so that it is fresh and clean.    Saliva from their mouth can quickly contaminate the water and cause bacteria to start to grow!

Also, make sure you clean out the water bowl frequently to stop bacteria growth (sometimes looks pinkish) around the bottom and rim of the water bowl.


Kitty lapping up water spraying.



2 - Playful Kitty

Water trickles, water bounces, and water can look enticing to a playful kitty.   

They might just enjoy batting it around or dipping their paw into it.

If you think this is your kitty, then I’m betting that they would absolutely love a kitty water fountain!


Kitty pawing and playing in the water.

Kitty playing with water from a hose.



3 - Dirty Kitty

My cat has figured out if she lets me pet her with a wet hand, that it makes it easier for her to clean her fur!

Think about it.   

Now would you like to come up with all the fluid needed to clean your body each day?    Oh goodness, talk about the Sahara Desert in your mouth!

Some cats even dip their paws into their water bowl, toilet, or faucet drip to retrieve some water.    


Kitty using water to help clean themselves.



4 - Hot Kitty

For cats that live outside, they might enjoy a sprinkle our quick dip in a pool to just plain ole cool off!

I mean, dog’s love to do this in the middle of summer.   It must feel so refreshing to their whole being.

I submit to you that some cats, especially outdoor kitties, love this too!


Kitty loves to swim.


And this kitty isn't scared - Watch the video below of her swimming around and around...




5 - Peaceful Kitty

Running water of any kind creates a peaceful feeling and lowers blood pressure, even for our furious felines. 

Just like us, kitties are attracted to what calms and soothes them.  

Aquariums, pools, waterfalls, etc. will always entice a kitty for a long, restful nap.   Can you blame them?

Kitty sitting peacefully by the water.



6 - Fishing Kitty

What swims in the water?   What do cats love love love to eat?  That’s right - fish!

Some cats might swim into the shallow part of lakes to catch some live fish.

Others have been known to dip their paws (and even fall in) to house aquariums while chasing their supper!

Kitty trying to fish.



7 - Bath Time Kitty

I admit this is the minority, but some cats actually enjoy getting a bath as much as a doggie would.

Especially, if they are older and find it hard to properly bathe themselves.   

Having your human do all the hard work from warming the water, to a gentle massage, to drying them off, doesn’t sound that bad...does it?

If you want to do this for your kitty, be sure to keep shampoo and water out of their eyes and ears.  This could really sting and turn bath time into horror time!

Kitty getting a bath.




Yes, your cat can love the water if it is on their terms.   

Some cats are very intrigued and want to chase it just like they would a string or toy.    Water fountains, houses, toilets, sinks, etc. can attract a thirsty kitty for a refreshing drink.  

Water is also known for it's calming and soothing effects on a cat's nerves.  The sound and movement can lower their heart rate just as it does for a human.  

And of course, going fishing or swimming in a nearby pond might always be at the top of a cat's plan for the day!

Water is also very helpful for helping a kitty get purrfectly clean too. 



Does your cat just love the water?   

Tell us what they love to do with it below...

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