Do You Think Female Cats Flirt?

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Do female cats really flirt?


Hi Peeps!     


Sam The Cat back in for another entertaining and enlightening kitty post!  

I want to talk to you today about a little calico cat named, CJ.  

First of all, let me say that she is quite the "clean nut" and a beautiful kitty..   I have never ever seen the white fur on her look anything but snow white. 


CJ looking at me. 

I have made it my life mission to figure out this curious feline.    I consider myself quite the charmer, although I have gained a tad bit of weight since coming indoors!

There are times when I totally feel she hates every last piece of fur on me.  And other times, I start to think she might just be warming up to me after all.

However, the second I start feeling a bit confident, she usually brings me back down to reality in about 2 seconds.

Let me give you several examples of what I mean:


1.  One day, I was heading down the stairs to grab a bit to eat when I sensed something at my backside.   I turned around and guess what it was?

It as CJ totally sniffing my butt!   I mean come on, if she doesn't like me somewhat, please tell me why she would even think about doing this, much less actually DO IT!

And get a load of this, when I turned around and looked at her, what do you think she did next?   Yep, you guessed it - she hissed at me!!!   The nerve of that gal.  I mean, it's my butt and she's copping a 'tude at me after SHE sniffed me???   Does anyone understand this chick...

Anyway, I could only conclude that she was wanting to get to know me a little better after that encounter.  I mean, who sniffs a butt of someone they totally hate!  


Here's the 'tude I normally see when I look at her....


CJ looking outside.



2. After Mom had fed us supper, we were all still in our rooms just chilling.    I walked over to CJ and of course, she growled under her breathe a little at me.    I tried again to get a little closer to her to my total dismay.  

She threw her ears back and actually growled at me.   At that point I thought nevermind with this girl, I'M headed upstairs to hang out with Mom and Dad.   They never ever hissed or growl at me!!!!

So, I turned and playfully ran up the know with my tail bent over and my butt sort of cocked over to the right....then, I hear kitty pitty patter feet right behind me.   I turned the corner at the top of the stairs and ran down the hall.  


When I got to the dining room table, I took a peek over my shoulder only to see CJ  trotting right behind me!!!

Was she playing and chasing me?  It sure felt like it to me.   I would call that a "flirty" move if I've ever seen one.  

You know what I mean?... what do you think she was doing?


Sam looking at CJ.



3.   Okay listen to this....Just this morning, we both came upstairs first thing after Mom and Dad got up.   

They had the gas logs on so it was cozy and toasty right in front of the fireplace.    CJ was curled up in front of them.   I slid underneath the closest chair and just watched her

She turned her head upside down to look at me.   She seemed relaxed and she looked at me and sort of stared.   After a little bit, she started talking to me.


I feel she was warning me not to come any closer.   But then, she turned back around, curled back up, and once again enjoyed the fire.   

Was she wanting me to come closer or stay put?   meow..hmmmm...prrrr...

I tried sliding up a little closer.  

At that point, her warning got a bit more vocal and stern.    She seemed to be totally okay with me hanging out underneath the chair (just not any closer) so I guess that was definitely progress.     

She even turned her back to me and relaxed again which made me feel like she was trusting me a little bit more anyway.


CJ the boss.



4.  Another thing she does which is definitely a flirty maneuver is to entice me to come after her

She runs into Mom's bedroom and hides from me.   If I leave the bedroom and go to another room, a bit later.... about 10 - 20 seconds, she comes prissing by really close to me.   

If I look at her, she hisses and growls...  

But I'm thinking if she didn't want attention from me at all, then why did she come out of her safe zone (Mom's bedroom) and priss around in front of me?

Am I wrong?     She was all out flirting with me,  wasn't she?

Well, I'm not trying to have a big ole Sammy head but I do believe she is sweet on me.   

Why else would this chick do the crazy things she does around me?


CJ looking out the window.


Oh and here's proof that she sniffs me!   Mom caught this pic...tee hee hee...

CJ sniffing Sam's foot.


You females are all alike!   meow...

...Act as if you don't care and don't like the guy ...but then, if they go the other way, you toss out something to get their attention...   

It's pretty amazing how the opposites try to attract one another I think.   


prrrr, prrrr....My only hope is that someday CJ will just admit that she likes me and that we can hang out (closer) together.   


I just want to be her buddy...nothing more I swear.   Mom had all of that clipped and snipped so I really just want to hang out and catch a few z'ssss together...  It's my favorite thing to do!


Sam taking it easy.


Nothing more, I swear CJ!!!!  give a guy a break..I know you are being flirty with me.    And I already do like you bunches!


So, what do you say?  Can we call a kitty truce?    


Until then, I will just hang out with Sassy, my Tiger friend!


Sam with Sassy, his bff.


Okay, what is your opinion?  

What is CJ doing??   

Please help me understand this cat!! 

Comment below...meow...

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