10 Super Gifts Your Dog is Begging Big For

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10 Super gifts your dog is begging for


It’s Here.

Another Christmas season of good cheer and showering your favorite pet with wonderful gifts as a token of your love.

Wondering what to get your furry friend this year?    We have put together our best of the best when it comes to must-haves that your 4 legged friends are dreaming about.

In no particular order, here’s our tried and tested list that we are so pleased to share with you:  

(And we swear your pet DID NOT pay us with doggie kisses for this little plug from their wish lists!!)


1 - Cool Dogs

What dog doesn't want to be the coolest pooch on the block?   Our trendy line of dog collars and leashes has amazing quality and style!   Our accessories are made with only the highest of quality materials.    And we have a size for every doggie - tiny or huge!


2 - Cold Dogs

Is your pup shivering while out for those potty breaks?   Dress them in ultra warmth and coziness from our line of dog jackets and coats.    Our styles are perfect for the girl doggie or the tough and brawny male dog.


3 - NFL Dogs

NFL ?  - oh yeah.   Dress your dog in his or her favorite team colors with our NFL dog tee shirt.   Your dog will be so excited to watch the game with you while sporting his or her new jersey!


4 - Pizza Dogs

Woof - did you say "pizza"?   You know how eager your dog is to gobble up whatever you are eating.   Now, you can give them a healthy treat that tastes just like yummy pizza!  Made from organic brown rice and cage-free eggs.   Your dog is begging for Pizza Time Treats today.


5 - Comfy Dogs

So, we have been meaning to talk to you about this.    We don't mean to hurt your feeling but your dog asked us to discuss those cheap beds you have been buying.    They wanted us to tell you that their back and hips are hurting because the lower grade beds do not provide good support for their body.   It gets lumpy, stinky, and feels like they are sleeping on bits of cloth crumpled together.   On their wish list is our Sealy Cozy Comfy Bed!   It is proven to relieve pressure points and topped with comforting sherpa.   Opt for the proven Sealy name brand for your pet and we guarantee the bed will last 10 times longer than those "cheapies"!


6 - Chewing Dogs

It's so healthy for your dog to have a healthy chew source.    Instead of fussing at your dog for chewing, encourage healthy teeth and gums with our Benebone PB chew.  It is ultra tough and tastes like peanut butter.     Your doggie will go crazy over this chew toy!


7 - Bored Dogs

There are days that your dog just feels plain out bored.    When you have to leave, give your dog some entertainment fun with our Interactive Talking Babble Ball.   This fantastic ball says more than 20 sounds and wisecracks when your dog walks by or even breaths on it.    This ball will become your dog's new BFF!


8 - Kong Dogs

Who doesn't love Kong dog toys...  Play a challenging game of tug of war with your big or little doggies with our Kong Tugger Knots Moose.   Gives your dog a satisfying chew and tug experience while strengthening muscles. 


9 - Gambling Dogs

Exercise your dog's brain and end boredom with our Gamble Box.    Hide toys or treats inside the drawers and watch your pup's problems solving skills come to life.   This will keep them entertained and make them smarter in the process!


10 - Healthy Dogs

Last but surely not least - Your dog wants to feel and be their best every single day.   Help them do this by exploring our natural line of dog supplements.    We have everything from hip & joint, bladder support, and overall health supplements to enhance your dog's long life.


We hope our 10 Super Gift suggestions have helped you pick the perfect gift for your furry friend!

Which one are you getting for your dog?   

     Chime in below and let us know why it's the perfect gift!

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