11 Cute Resolutions Your Dog Is Excited To Make

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11 cute resolutions your dog is excited to make

You are not the only one turning over a new leaf for the New Year!

We polled all the cool dogs around town and put together an awesome list for you.


Check out these cute Dog New Years Resolutions...


1 - “I will stop eating cat poo out of the litter box.”  

 Look, I get it, I know this seems pretty disgusting to my humans.   However, to us dogs, it’s like eating a gourmet snack!  I do love my humans and aim to please them in all ways - so the cat poo is now off limits!    And I bet it will help my breath smell better too!


2 - “I will stop pulling the stuffing out of my plush toys”.  


 I can’t tell you how fun and challenging this is to do.  It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment when all the white stuff is out on the floor.   But, I also realize it makes you feel like you are just wasting your money.    I promise to take better care of my precious toys and let the stuffing stay “inside” the toy where it belongs.


Dogs love to pull all of the stuffing out of their toys




3 - “ I will stop marking my territory inside the house.”


Although it gives me a sense of the Alpha dog (and yes, this is so important to me), I also realize I am stinking up the house like nobody’s business.   I’m guessing that I am driving you nuts having to always clean up behind me too.   I am truly sorry and will only mark outside!!




4 - “I will start cleaning my private parts in private!    


I really don’t see what the big deal is because we all have private parts.    But your reaction to my licking and gnawing says it all.    I will wait for lights out or when you are away.  Deal?




5 - Dumpster Diving?  


Do I really have to change this?   This is such fun exploration and a doggie never knows what they will find.  The rewards could be huge!   But I see your expression and I hear you loud and clear on this one.   “I will stop digging through the trash after you leave.”  Cross my paw heart.


Dogs enjoy digging through the trash




6 - “I promise to only bark when it is absolutely needed.”  


I realize you probably do not need to know about every squirrel that runs by the window.   I will only notify you of “red alerts” so that I don’t needlessly wake you up.





7 - “ I will stop begging for food.”


I just need you to understand how hard it is to ignore the fact that you are eating scrumptious turkey, chicken, and potatoes.     Hey, I know…maybe if you put some of this (I mean the same thing you are eating) in my bowl from time to time, I wouldn’t have to beg.   I would know it’s coming and could be patient.  Just saying….


Dogs will beg for anything to eat





8 - “I will stop trying to pull you along when walking on the leash.”


There are just times that I am so excited about going for a walk that I forget that I need to walk beside you.    You could help me out here a little, though, by picking up the pace!


Some dogs pull really hard when walking on a leash.





9 - “I will take my time eating supper so that I can properly digest my food.” 


I admit it, dogs don’t have a lot of self-control when it comes to eating our favorite food.    But, in an effort to enjoy the moment and taste the food a little longer, I will slow it down and chew, chew, chew.




10 - “ I will stop peeing when I’m so excited.”   


This makes me look like a “snook” I know.   I must have better self-control and bladder control.   I won’t lose my mind when that sweet girl starts baby talking me, I promise.




11 - Last but not least by any means, “I will STOP chasing the family cat”.


What can I say, this is nothing but fun, fun, fun.    That crazy cat flirts with me and prisses by almost daring me to chase them.   But I know that this creates a lot of problems inside the house.  Especially when we turn over your expensive stuff and break them.  I always get in trouble and the cat never does.   I’m done with this -  My cat chasing days are over for good!


Dogs really love to chase cats.




Which resolution is your dog making for the new year?


Tell us all about it below!


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