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There’s always a FIRST in everything, isn’t there…

So,  let’s explore why there is a first today in “The Tale Wagger” blog.   Our vision is to create a highly entertaining and educational spot where you can kick back, relax, and feel connected.    We want to stir your emotions, answer your questions, have conversation and welcome you into the Pet Hangout family with open paws.    

                             We are Family - man, woman, and dog


 It seems only fitting to us that we introduce our pet family to you for starters.    Our babies currently consist of two dogs and two cats – We say currently because we have fosters/rescues/thiefs of our hearts who touch us with their love from time to time!

Drake is first up.   He is a Lab/Doberman mix that had promises of a full chocolate lab from his puppy days.   It was a dead giveaway when his ears kept popping straight up that he had other blood in him!    Drake loves to please and is the life of the party.   He is "papa bear" to all animals, including our occasional  temps, and loves everyone equally!

Drake's strengths: 

  • cuddly and loving
  • super sensitive
  • mega smart – He knows so many words it’s ridiculous

Drake's quirk:

  • He can pull the stuffing out of ANY toy in 60 seconds flat.

          Dog - Drake


Gracie is our resident Shih Zhu who loves loves – Did I say loves? – a treat!    She moved around twice before finding a permanent home with us.   Although a bit pokey, she is a pure sweat heart and never really asks for anything.   When Drake gets a little wild playing, Gracie loves to fall in behind the "running of the circles".    She has never met a stranger and is always up for a pet or two from whomever is willing to give one.  

Gracie's strengths:

  • A purebred beauty for sure
  • Quiet as a mouse
  • Understand “no” and responds immediately

Gracie’s quirk:

  • Stops and stares at you when she should be pottying.    We have to say "go potty" over and over…  :-)

         Dog - Gracie 


Grey was spotted when she was 6 weeks old hiding behind a sign at an abandoned store.   It took about a week to befriend her enough so that she would come to us.    We named her Grey because at the time, this was the color of her fur.   Later, we learned it was due to her being malnourished.  :-(    She is a very quiet kitty and hardly ever meows.     She sneaks around a room by slinking around the perimeter.   It’s pretty cute actually. 

Grey’s strengths:

  • She loves to go outside – She will sleep on the screen porch literally all day!
  • She will “kitty talk” to you – you know, when a cat makes little “gizmo” noises.
  • She is a black beauty and she knows it

Grey’s quirk:

  • She hangs at the very edge of her litter box and sometimes accidentally goes outside instead of inside…  whoops!

          Cat - Grey


CJ - Lastly, but certainly not least is our calico named CJ.    Let us just say that she is a piece of work!    She was found, along with her siblings, in a cardboard box on the side of the road.   We know,  how could someone – so incredibly mean.    Drake took CJ in as his own “baby” and helped raised her.   He nurtured her and slept with her.    This is probably the root cause of why she thinks she has to go “potty” with the dogs… ha ha.     Although  the baby of the family, CJ has adopted the attitude of “mama bear” and likes to keep tabs on everyone.   She is a little bit bossy!

CJ’s strengths:

  • A zany, funny girl to watch
  • She washes everyone else – or at least tries too.  Gracie isn’t too keen on the idea.
  • She is a watchcat and growls when she sees something suspicious outside.

CJ’s quirk:

  • She cannot stand a closed door.  She almost goes into a panic if she thinks she cannot get on the other side!

    CJ the cat


As far as interactions with each other, all of our babies “play pretty” and do not fight.   However, with that being said, there are times when the cats tromp through the office chasing each other and sound like a herd of buffalo.  It’s amazing how much noise they can make.     On occasion, Drake has been known to chase down Grey just because he knows she hates it.   He won’t chase CJ because she will not give him a good run.  She just stops and takes cover!   

We love all of our babies and treasure our time with them.     You may just spot them occasionally in our posts posing as models, testers, or entertaining stars.  

 Dogs Grace and Drake          Cat bookends CJ and Grey


Now, we would love to hear about your pet family!   Do you have cats, dogs, or both?  

Do you have other pets?   What are their strengths and quirks?

  • Tell us all about them and please email pics to:  
  • We would be honored to include them in our future "family" blog posts  &  add them to our growing Pet Gallery !! 

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11/02/2016, 10:25:11 PM

I love your pet family. They all seem very sweet and fun to have around. I have 2 dogs I rescued from the local shelter. Their names are Shelly and Shirley and both are incredibly good natured dogs. They keep me laughing and are great company!

11/30/2016, 07:08:35 AM

Cute office pets. I have a dog that looks a like a lot Drake.

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