How to Get Your FREE Awesome Pet Grooming Glove

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How to grab your free awesome pet grooming glove.



Yes, you heard me right!   I  have stumbled upon a huge find that I absolutely LOVE and want to share with you, our loyal fans.   Now, don't look for this in our online store, Pet Hangout,  because this deal is only for you since you are reading this post! 

Lucky dog you...

Cartoon lucky dog with a flower


First of all, a question…

  • Do you constantly struggle over ridding your home of pet hair?
  • Is your sweet pet always leaving behind little “fur tumbleweeds”?
  • Are your pet allergies driving you nuts?

If you answered Yes to any or all of these, then you will want to read on.

Like most dogs and cats, there is a constant shedding of dead hair to be found wherever your fur babies hang out.


One of the biggest reasons why they shed so bad is that their dead undercoat is trying to escape.    


The challenge:   Remove the dead undercoat without cutting or irritating your pet’s skin.   


Some brushes have bristles that could remove paint from a car!  I’m serious.   The bristles are way too firm and hard for a pet’s tender skin.  Other brushes are so soft that they just skim the surface of your pet’s coat.    It gets a few flyways off their coat but never really addresses the deep undercoat of fur that is accumulating and making your pet very hot and miserable.

I have always wondered about the "grooming gloves" that you can use to pet (and in turn groom) your pet.   There are numerous tiny nubs all over that dig down and get at the tough, hidden dead hair.


So, I ordered one and tried it out on the animals in my life.


1st up - Drake

  • Drake’s hair is quite coarse and dry.   When I started petting him with this glove on, at first he wasn’t quite sure what I was up to.   He quickly learned that this was a good thing that was happening.   

  • Drakes grooming session left his coat looking much healthier and shinier, not to mention the accumulation of dead hair on the glove!

  • I also found out that the rubbery palm of the glove attracts and holds on to the hair rather well.   After the initial pets (brushes), the hair began to stick together in the palm of the hand quite well.

Tiny nibs grab the dog hair.


  • ... and what about the huge pain it is when it’s time to clean the pet hair out of their brush? 


  • Well, cleaning these gloves are quite different - actually even easy.    Once the hair has accumulated to a certain level, it naturally starts to roll off at the fingertips.  


  • All you have to do is hold on to the hair and gently pull the hair off as one knitted area of hair.   Then just toss in the trash.   It really couldn’t be much easier.

Just peel off off of glove.   



2nd up - Sammy

  • After testing out on Drake, I then begin to wonder if Sammy, my tabby, would enjoy being groomed too with the glove.

  • Well, let me just say he pretty much fell apart.   It relaxed him much more than it did Drake.   He loves it now when he sees me put on one of these gloves.    

  • And let me add this:   Sam used to be a total outside kitty that was scared of people.   He stayed on the run and looked very worn down.   He was constantly shedding and a hot mess.

  • I decided to bring him indoors because he was getting into too much trouble in the neighborhood.   Now, today, we have adopted him into our fur family and he is totally indoors.     However, when he first came in, his fur was flying all over my home.  I mean it was awful.    I tried brushing him but he kept attacking the brush…ha ha..

  • But once I bought one of these gloves and started petting him with it, he totally calmed down and actually started to enjoy it.    And speaking of enjoying something, my home began to stay cleaner because Sam was cleaner.     Now, I can’t say that he doesn’t ever shed anymore, but the amount of loose hair in my home has decreased by at least 70%. 

Sam getting groomed with glove


  • This is huge.   Yes, I still have to vacuum up the pet hair but vacuuming is a must anyway in any home, isn’t it…?  

  • Also, I can now pet Sam without puffs of fur flying off of him!   It has been a wonderful product to try and I am forever grateful for it.   
  • Another very nice feature of this glove is the meshed back.   It lets air in so that your hand does not become hot and sweaty.

Grooming gloves have mesh back for air flow.


And our good buddy, Rowdy got in on the action too!

Rowdy with ultimate grooming glove.




So... I’m guessing you are wondering at this point how you can get your little paws on one of these coveted grooming gloves…

  • Do you have a pet that could benefit from one of these gloves?

  • Do you have a home that could benefit from a little less pet hair floating by…?


Because of my happiness and approval of this product, I decided to start carrying this product in my inventory of pet supplies for Pet Hangout.

To give you a chance to try this wonderful glove, while supplies last, I am offering it FREE to you (just help me get it to you by covering my shipping cost of $4.95 please.   (NOTE:  THE GLOVE has to ring up as .01 so that the Check Out works properly!...i know, crazy computers...So, the shipping will show as $4.94 + .01 for glove = $4.95 total )


Here’s how to claim it for FREE - no kidding:   

Pet grooming gloves​​

  • Click "Check Out"
  • Fill in your email address and ship to address
  • Place your order (I just ask that you pay for your shipping of $4.95!)
  • I will ship your glove out to you within 2 business days using USPS first class shipping.


Once you’ve received your glove, please come back to this post and let me know how it works for you and your pet!!

Enjoy your Free Gift from Pet Hangout and don't forget to LIKE and SHARE so others can get it for FREE too (while supplies last)! 

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