How to Organize your Pet like a Proven Pro

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Aren't you forgetting something?

With today's hectic demands on your time and attention, there are some things that may just fall by the wayside.    Your pet's daily schedule, attention to grooming and health, or their flea treatments may get left out when your life gets crazy busy.

There is a better way we promise.    Let's walk through some ideas that you will want to pay attention to admist all the daily hustle and bustle.  You want to be sure your pet is getting their fair share of love, attention, and care!


1. Boarding your pet -  Do you have to repeat the same instructions to your boarder or hand write them over and over again with each trip?    In a hurry to get out of town?    Your dog's feeding and medication schedule probably is the same as the last time you boarded them.    Keep this information in a nice, neat master copy form so that you can easily pull when it's time to hand over.

Playing dog is being boarded



2. A trip to the doggie day care? -  Are you constantly forgetting the toys, blankets, and special treats you take to your dog's day care or kennel?    If you logged these items somewhere that is easily accessible, then they are going to be much easier to collect upon your return.

Two dogs playing at doggie day care



3.  Are you hiring a pet sitter to come into your home?   Are you confident that they understood all your instructions for your pet?    What if you have multiple pets they are caring for?   It would be great if you could provide a standard form of information for each pet so that you could rest assured all will be properly cared for while you are away.

Lady playing with dog while pet sitting



4.  The dreaded flea medication.   Do you even remember the date for your pet's next flea pill or topical treatment?    Overmedication is not healthy for your pet and under medication may invite a flea family to move on in!    Neither is good of course.   What if you had a well organized place to keep this information?    A single place where all information resides for your sweet pet.

Cat that is scratching may need flea medication



5.  Are you a pet care provider of some type?    Do you run a boarding business or doggie day care but aren't large enough yet to keep everything on a computerized system?    You can start organizing by having a standard format for keeping all information for each client like their name, owner's name, vet's contact, potty preferences, daily treats, etc.

Pet care service provider business ad



6.  Are you starting a dog grooming business?    Where are you logging customer requests/preferences as you receive your daily dog clients?     A standard  form for all your vital questions for grooming is necessary.  Whether you personally groom the pet or not, the instructions will be clearly written on the same type form for all pets.

Dog grooming workers bathing and cutting dogs



7.  Do you run a non profit rescue shelter of some sort?   How do you keep up with each animal's care?     A great way to do this is by using a simple form where you can record pertinent information about each animal.   This sheet could  be placed on the outside of each pet's file folder for a quick glance at vital info.

Dog and cats in a rescue shelter



These are just some of the reasons for wanting a simple solution for tracking important information about a pet.

 We have had to struggle with some of these reasons too when we take our office pets to our boarders or when trying to keep up with their medications.

In an effort to simplify and organize our life and yours, we created an amazing at-a-glance view of pet care to-do's.   We have found that it is absolutely perfect for pinning to the fridge for quick glances.   It is also a must have resource when taking your pet to any caregiver for the day or dropping them off for a week of boarding.

And the best news we saved for last.  

This one of a kind resource is available to you as a limited time Cool Freebie from Pet Hangout.  

We strive daily to help make your life a little less hectic and a little more "happy"!  Along with the organizer, you will get examples of how to use this dynamic pet assistant.


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