Top 50 Adorable Girl Puppy Names You Need To Know

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Top 50 adorable girl puppy names you need to know


So she’s yours!  

This adorable and cuddly little girl puppy.  

Next question - “What in the world should you name her?”

I mean, you’ve got to pick out a name that goes with her personality.   There are so many precious names out there for you to choose from and we know you must be totally confused!

Pet Hangout is here to help!

We have the Top 50 adorable girl puppy names you need to know right here!!   Be sure to pick one to name your new bundle of joy!!

Ranked in no particular order (We love all these names equally)

1 - Nala

2 - Fefe

3 - Ginger

4 - Anna

5 - Elsa

6 - Lulu

7 - Lexi

8 - Chelsey

9 - Piper

10 - Gracie

11 - Alexa

12 - Petunia

13 - Star

14 - Lovey

15 - Grace

16 - Alley

17 - Bailey

18 - Britt

19 - Candy

20 - Pinky

21 - Crissy

22 - Pudding

23 - Poo Girl

24 - Sugar

25 - Doll baby

26 - Prissy

27 - Meoka

28 - Dreama

29 - Elisa

30 - Lizzy

31 - Chloe

32 - Tessa

33 - Zena

34 - Lucy

35 - Sweetie

36 - Princess

37 - Snowy

38 - Diamond

39 - Ruby

40 - Quishy

41 - Abby

42 - Sassy

43 - Cali

44 - Terra

45 - Juju

46 - Zooloo

47 - Nina

48 - Fiesty

49 - Scandal

50 - Booty

Now, let’s play a little fun game.

Look at the pics below and see if you can name these sweet pups.   I will give you my best names from the list above too...



What would you name her?

An adorable puppy.

I'm going with Ruby or Sweetie....The reddish fur screams Ruby and the sweetest ever face of course makes me think, Sweetie!



How about this little one?

Adorable puppy two

She looks so humble.   I think FeFe or Piper.



How about this little girl?

An adorable beagle puppy.

I think Baily or Abbey would be just perfect for her!    Just goes with those stinking cute ears!



And what are you thinking for this one?

Black and white girl puppy.

LuLu or Tessa seems to fit that curious and perky personality!



Name this girl doggie if you can...

Adorable little puppy.

What a precious little pie face!   How about Pudding or Star?



And quick, name this pretty little girl!...

Pretty white girl puppy

Yep, you may have guessed my name - of course, Snowy!    Who can resist naming a solid white pup this name?


Are you getting the feel for how to name your pup?   It's all about their look and implied personality.    After you spend some time and play with them, it will become obvious if they are shy, outgoing, a little stinker, or somewhere in-between.



How about this girl puppy?  What's her name?

White lab girl puppy.

Hands down - I'm thinking Nala or Lexi.    She looks smart, curious, and playful!



And lastly but certainly not least, how about this sweet baby?

A little shy puppy.

I think she should be called Nina or Elsa.   She looks like she will grow to be a strong female in the household!


Remember, your dog's name is an important part of who they are, so be sure to give it careful thought.    Spend some time with your pup first to get a feel for them and how they like to play.     The names will start popping in your mind after you get to know your little pup better.


And speaking of having a new puppy in the house...

Have you given any thought to housebreaking them yet?   This is one area you surely cannot ignore!!   

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 Your best move is to really try to understand your dog so you can bond and teach them some wonderful tricks too!   Having a puppy might be a little work at first, but if you can lay the right foundation from the start, you and your puppy will enjoy a long and happy life together.


Good luck and I hope you name her one of our Top 50 girl puppy names because they are all the rage right now!!


And once you've figured out her name, you have to tell us!!!    We would love to see a pic of her too!   Please send to or comment below and tell us all about her and the name you chose... 


Got her name figured out yet?   

Tell us below...

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