10 Puppy Toys That Are Good For Your New Baby

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10 puppy toys that are good for your new baby 

Awe…. if only your puppy could talk...   


What do you think they would ask for?

Have you ever wondered why puppies love to gnaw, chew, and destroy most everything in their path?

No, it’s not because they want to destroy everything in your home that you have worked so hard to get!

No, it’s not because your sweet new puppy has a “little demon” living inside of him or her.

No, it’s not because your puppy hates you with a passion.

The # 1 reason why your puppy wakes up with a mission to gnaw everything in their sight is so simple!  

He or she is teething!    If you think about it, not a whole lot different from human babies when they are teething.   They tend to bite and gnaw on everything that is close to their mouths.    

Teething on babies and puppies means a lot of things.

It can mean:

  • swollen and irritated gums
  • pain around the teeth and in the jaws
  • whiney little babies and puppies that need consoling

Chewing is an instinct to relieve the pain and help the teeth break through the gums.     It’s totally normal that your puppy wants to chew, gnaw, and rip apart.

The very best thing you can do for your home, yourself and your new puppy is to arm yourself with numerous toys with a purpose.

Don’t just give your puppy any ole toy and think it will suffice.

Give thoughtful consideration to what types of toys your puppy needs to satisfy their innate need to chew and gnaw.

When checking out toys, apply a couple of guidelines to see if the toy is a good fit for your pup.

Puppy Toy Guidelines:

  • Are there any pieces that could break off that my puppy might try to eat?
  • Is the toy the right size for my puppy to pick up with their mouth?
  • Was it made with harmful chemicals?
  • How tough is this toy?   Does it even have a chance against my puppy's mouth?   Will it last or am I just wasting my money?
  • Does it serve an educational purpose?
  • Will it entertain my puppy?
  • Is it colorful?
  • Does it interact with my puppy?

A puppy toy DOES NOT have to meet all the guidelines above to be considered a great toy.   However, it should meet all of the "safety" ones for sure.    


Toys can have different purposes - some are to help with teething, others can help with boredom, and others can deliver a treat with a challenge.

To provide your puppy with the best assortment of toys for growing up happy and healthy, Pet Hangout recommends that you provide of mix of physical and mental stimulation for your pup.    


This is your best way to ward off boredom, help with mouth pain, and keep your home from being devoured while your pup grows into a beautiful and loving dog.

We have put together our favs from Chewy.com.     You will find an explanation of how this toy will help your puppy too.  


If a toy isn’t considered helpful for their development, then it DID NOT make our list!



Check them out (in no particular order)


1 - Nylabone Pacifiers   

What baby doesn’t need a paci?      

These chew toys are designed for dogs under 25 pounds who DO NOT have permanent teeth yet.

Why it’s good for your baby:

  • encourages positive play
  • teaches healthy chewing habits 
  • Nubs help clean teeth
  • Satisfies your puppy’s need to chew
  • Helps swollen gums feel better
  • Bright colors engage your puppy

Note:   Even tough toys can breakdown.  Always supervise and remove toys than begin to break apart.   You do not want your puppy to swallow harmful pieces!


Dog pacis.



2 - Kong Puppy Dog Toy   

This is such a smart choice as a new puppy parent.    Kong is well known in the industry for its ultra-tough and thought-provoking dog toys.  


This toy is specially made with a more pliable rubber so that it isn’t too harsh on your puppy’s mouth and gums.

Why it’s good for your baby:

  • All-natural rubber that is gentle on your pup’s mouth
  • Meets the needs of your pup’s 28 baby teeth - gnawing helps them break through the gum
  • Keeps boredom at bay - Stuff with peanut butter and keep your pup occupied for hours!
  • Soothes puppy gums
  • Unpredictable bounce behavior to keep your puppy moving and engaged  (we bet your shoes can’t do that!)
  • Makes your puppy desire this over your valuable things

Kong puppy treat dispenser.





3 - Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy    

Can I just say this is genius?      Have you ever looked at a litter of puppies?  How do they sleep?   All snuggled up against one another.  


This creates comfort, peace, and security, especially when Mom gets up to take a break.

This toy simulates that same environment that your puppy had when they were still with the litter.      I think you should buy a couple of these and really recreate that litter environment for your pup.  


Why it’s good for your baby:

  • Provides comfort by recreating the intimacy and warmth of sleeping with their siblings
  • Reduces separation anxiety and fears
  • Has a pulsing heartbeat and heat source (just like their siblings)
  • Reduces whining and barking (because they don’t feel alone anymore)
  • Provides physical warmth with a disposable warming pack (you can buy replacements too)

Cozy pet for new puppy.



4 - Nylabone Double Action Dental Chew   

This chew will keep your pup’s attention for sure.     Not only does it promote healthy teeth and gums but it comes with an irresistible peanut butter and banana flavor!      Your pup will be drooling all day long over it.


Why it’s good for your baby:

  • Dental nubs help prevent tarter and plague
  • Yummy flavor keeps them coming back time and time again 
  • Interactive toy that they will enjoy toting around in their mouth
  • Soft natural rubber for tender gums
  • your pup can chew on this till their heart’s content

Nylabone tough puppy teething toy.




5 - Kong Puppy Flyer Dog Toy      

Teaching your pup to fetch?     Kong’s softer rubber flyer is perfect for teaching them.    Don’t use a regular frisbee because the plastic is much too hard for their tender teeth and gums.  

 As you get to know your pup, a great bonding practice to do with your pup is to play fetch.    Your puppy will naturally go chase this flyer when you throw it.   And he will grab and run with it.   Just call him back to you and when he gets there, reward him with a yummy treat.    


Your dog will be bringing it back on his own in no time at all.


Why it’s good for your baby:

  • softer rubber that is gentle on their teeth and gums
  • creates a bonding experience with you and your pup
  • Helps them burn up plenty of energy - great exercise for them
  • Trains your pup to listen to your voice commands

Kong frisbee for puppies.




6 - Kong Puppy Activity Ball    

Want your puppy to be smart?  


This toy does so much more than just provide play.   It creates curiosity, play, and intellectual stimulation.     Stuff it with their favorite treats and watch them ‘figure it out’.  


Keeps them busy for hours.   That’s more hours that your house is safe and sound.   :-)


Why it’s good for your baby:

  • Soft rubber is gentle on pup’s mouth and gums
  • Burns lots of energy during play
  • Grows their intellect while they are figuring out how to get the treats out
  • Can use for teaching fetch
  • Patented Denta-Ridges help to clean teeth during play
  • Keeps them entertained for days

Intellectual dog toy



7 - P.L.A.Y. Barkling Bubby Dog Toy   

This is too adorable.   Cuddle up with your dog and celebrate New Years, Birthdays, or any special occasion with this oh so cute dog toy.    Armed with a squeaker for engaged play, this is sure to be one of your pup’s favorite drinks.


Why it’s good for your baby:

  • Engages puppy with sound stimulation 
  • Added durability with hand-made double-stitched edges and double-layer exterior
  • Healthier for your pet with Eco-friendly PlanetFill and AZO-free dyes
  • Made to same, strict quality standards used for creating kids’ toys
  • A great snuggle toy for your pup

Celebrate with you pup toy



8 - Frisco Puppy Dog Toy Bundle   

You don’t even have to think too hard on this one!    Frisco has thought about all your puppy’s needs at one time.   The need to cuddle, chew, tug, fetch, and gnaw.  


This bundle has a toy to satisfy every need your pup may have.   Makes you look like a puppy parent pro!


Why it’s good for your baby:

  • Provides excitement with squeaks, crinkles, and bounces
  • Soft rubber for sore gums and mouth
  • Sounds, color, and texture keep them engaged
  • Give at once to overstimulate your pup from boredom
  • Helps you bond with your puppy - the more toys the better!
  • Tug action for interactive play with you

New puppy toy bundle.




9 - Petstages Cool Teething Stick Toy    

Cooling objects soothe irritated puppy gums.      This is another genius puppy product!

You can freeze this toy before giving it to your pup to help alleviate swollen gums from painful teething.      It also satisfies your puppy’s natural craving to gnaw and chew.   


Why it’s good for your baby:

  • Helps reduce swelling from inflamed gums and numbs any discomfort
  • Crunchy when frozen -  creates perfect textures for avid chewers
  • Mold resistant filling
  • Cool your pup down during hot summer days
  • Keeps them guessing by it’s changing textures - frozen vs. thawed

Freezable dog toy for teething puppies




10 - Nerf Dog Gift Set    

Helps you bond with your most active puppy!   Nerf thought of everything with this gift duo.


Why it’s good for your baby:

  • Encourages special interaction with your pup to create bonding
  • Withstands hours of tough and rough play
  • Withstands vigorous chewing
  • Provides rough and tough entertainment for your rowdy pup

New puppy toy combo pack.




Remember, your pup is going to want to bite, chew, and gnaw primarily because they are teething.   A second reason comes from boredom.   Nip these two in the bud by providing a large variety of high-quality puppy toys.  

You will want to make sure you are providing safe, soft chew toys, toys that challenge them mentally, toys to help you bond with your pup, toys that help with teething pain, and fun snuggle toys to make them feel warm and loved.

Also, remember to inspect toys periodically and replace them with newer versions once the toys start to breakdown.   Small pieces ingested by your pup could spell serious trouble to them, especially if the piece becomes lodged somewhere in the intestinal tract.


If you buy some of these wonderful toys for your new baby, you will be off to an amazing start with helping your pup navigate the troublesome "puppy months". 


Your valuables DO NOT have to fall victim to your puppy's mouth!     Buy some or all of our recommendations above and you AND your pup will be some Happy Campers!!


you and your puppy are happy campers.





Which one are you buying your new puppy?


Tell us below please..  

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