How a Grateful Kitty Shows Their Thankful Heart

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How a Grateful Kitty shows their thankful heart.


Ever wonder if your kitty has a thankful heart?

Okay, we admit it.   Cats and dogs are as different as night is from the day.   However, they still feel love and appreciation for you, they just have a different way of showing it.   Yes, their love language is a bit more subtle than your dog’s methods.

Before you crucify your cat for their aloof and picky behavior, put yourself in their little paws and get enlightened on just how they may be trying to show their gratitude and love to you.


Your kitty may be saying I love you & am thankful for you if:


They Snuggle

They snuggle, curl up in your lap and snooze OR stay close to you. A cat will chose their human and when they do they always want to be near you.    Their willingness to be close is their silent way of saying, “I meow you”, “I’m grateful you take care of me”,  and “I’m here for the long haul”.  


They are Making Biscuits 

They are “making biscuits” close by.   This activity is their ultimate way of settling into comfort.   You should be honored if your cat is trying to make a biscuit out of you!   They only bed down in the most comfortable and secure of places.  If biscuits are being made close by, that means that trust you, feel secure and comfy around you, and yes - love you.


They Bring you a Gift

Now, what type of gift could a cat possibly bring to you?   Yep, you’ve got it...something hurt, lame, or dead.  :-(    I know, we don’t like this aspect with our kitties either but there are hunters by nature.   To hunt and catch and offer it up to you is a huge act of love toward you.   After you are done freaking out over this, accept it gratefully and give your kitty a “good job” pet on the head.   After all, they could have eaten it for themselves!   It was a huge sacrifice to give it up to you.  Yes, they are very thankful for having you as their human.


They Greet You

Now, we aren’t talking a normal cat meow.   We’re talking about a gizmo-like sound that they make when they first walk into a room and see you.   It’s an acknowledgment that they appreciate you, are glad to see you and feel very connected to you.   Otherwise, you would not hear a darn thing or be noticed by them.


They Wash You 

This is huge.   If your kitty licks on you, you are the balm.   They only wash what they care for.   They take pride in keeping clean.   If you are getting a kitty bath, then they think of you as one of their own.   You are adored by a kitty.  Thank you lucky stars.


They Act Up

Kitties can act up in so many ways.   A kitty can tinkle or poopie where they aren't supposed to when they are upset about something.  A cat can also steal things and hide them away.   Any signs of bad behavior could mean you have done something to threaten their close relationship with you.  Is there a new pet or baby in the house?    Be sensitive to your cat’s bad behavior because, although they are causing you some grief, it’s also a loud cry for help.   Now I agree, this isn’t really showing thankfulness but it does show that they value their relationship with you and don’t want to lose it.   Either way, you need to work on reassuring them by being more loving to them during transitional times.


They Stare at You

A cat that appears to be crazy by staring at you isn’t crazy at all.    Your kitty loves you so much that they want to guard and protect you from the bad things in life.   A silly kitty that stares is working overtime to take care of the humans they love and adore.   It’s their version of the faithful dog.   They just show it a little different - no wagging tails or drools.   I mean come on, a kitty has to maintain her regal stance through it all.


They Follow You Everywhere! 

Need I say more?    Have you ever watched a little kid follow you around the house?    It’s the same thing.    A kitty that tracks your every move is a kitty that is depending on you for everything.    They value their connection with you and just can’t let you get out of their site.   It's a kitty thing and a good thing.

Boy and yellow tabby having a moment




So everyone has a different love language, even our kitty cats.    Some people would say cats are strange creatures that can never be understood.   I say they are different, unique, gorgeous, and just waiting for you to learn their love language.

Your kitty does adore you and is thankful!  And they are trying to show you their grateful heart the best way they know how!



Do you feel a bit more loved by your kitty now?

Share your thoughts below...


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