20 Halloween Dog Costumes that are All The Rage This Year

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20 Halloween Dog Costumes That Are All The Rage


Looking to Dress Your Doggie Up?

Dressing your dog up for Halloween or any special event has become the trendy thing to do for more festive fun.   We thought you would enjoy seeing our list of Hot, Top Picks for transforming your pet this year.   Check out our must-have list of homemade and store-bought dog costume winners!

Let's dive into our creative outfits that you can put together on a dime first.


If you have a solid black dog, don't miss this opportunity to make a Skeleton Dog Costume!   All you need is some non-toxic white paint.   Crayola makes a kid's paint that is just perfect for this.    Simply paint the "bones" on your dog.    It will wash right off with a little water.

Note:  Pay special attention to keep away from their eyes.

Paint your dog like a skeleton for the perfect halloween costume.



Has your dog had surgery?   Did the vet send home this funny looking "lamp-shade" thing that went around their head to inhibit gnawing?   If so, you have the perfect beginnings to turn your dog into a delicious Martini Dog Costume!    You could make the olives on a stick using any sized rubber balls.   A little green and red paint should do the trick.

Dress your dog up like a yummy martini.



Who doesn't just love Hershey Kisses?    Now your pup can be one too.  Grab some tin foil and form around your dog's head and body.   Use a broken large rubber band to make a chin strap for the headpiece.   For the "kisses" tag, you could use white paper or parchment paper cut into a long thin strip.  Write "KISSES" on the tag with a dark marker.

Dress your dog up like a big Hershey Kiss



Help your pup show their American pride by painting some stars and stripes on their fur for a Flag Dog Costume.    Pet Hangout's Critter Fur Color comes in many colors and is perfect for creating this look.

White doggie with a American Flag painted on him.



Have a tee-tiny doggie?  Cute a hole in a bath scrubber and fit around your dog's body.   How cute is this?

Have a larger doggie?    Grab an old dress shirt and tie and fit on your dog to become the world's first business dog!  

Tiny dog disguised as a bath scrubber and larger dog as a business man



An old-school costume that is always in style!   Grab a sheet and cut 3 holes - 2 for eyes and 1 for the snout.  Loosely secure the sheet around your dog's body by tying sheet in a knot.   To add extra fun, write Halloween terms like "BOO" or "Trick Or Treat" on the sides!   You now have a Ghostly Dog Costume!

Dress your dog up like a ghost.



Make a tag like TY babies wear and turn your pup into an extra large sized TY Baby!   Too, too cute!

Make your dog into an extra large TY baby



Now, if you aren't feeling a homemade costume, pick one of our most popular costumes and have it in your hand in no time.

Among our top rated:

Dress your hero of a dog in our Spider-Man or Superman Dog Costumes.    A champion of all causes is too admirable to ignore.    Your pet will be the center of attention with one of these on.

Cute dogs in their spider man and superman dog costumes



Is spooky or creepy more your dog's preference?   Dress them in the cutest Pink Monster Dog Costume or Black Spider Dog Costume!

Cute puppies in their Pink Monster and Black Spider Dog Costumes



How about a movie-themed dog costume?     Who doesn't love Star Wars?    Our Ewok Dog Costume will look beyond precious on your little doggie.    And if you love zany humor, our Beetlejuice Dog Costume will transform your dog into this crazy character.

Ewok and Beetlejuice dog costumes are too cute



Our Cowboy and Cowgirl dog costumes will have your dog yelling "Giddy-Up"!    Simple headpieces keep your dog comfy while dressing up in style for Halloween.

Cute cowgirl and cowboy dog costumes



We saved our most popular for last.    Batman and Batgirl dog costumes that totally rock!     These are too cool and just waiting to help your dog save the big city.    If you are still looking for more ideas, peek at our full line of dog costumes now.

Batman and Batgirl dog costumes to save the world



We hope you have found some great ideas for your dog this year.    Whether you put together a funny look for your dog or buy one of our popular outfits, we know your dog will look so wonderful for their special event.    

Enjoy your pup and have some fun with them during this time of year!

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Which costume did you love the most?    Making or buying a look?

    Tell us your plans below - We are anxious to hear from you!

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How cute!!! Great dog costume ideas. Very creative and fun ideas. You are pretty clever, Pet Hangout!

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