10 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Freaking Out on Halloween

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Ten ways to stop your dog from freaking out on Halloween

It’s that time of year again!


Ghosts, heroes, princesses, and everything in between start roaming the streets.   

If your little pet goblin will be partaking in the festivities in any way, follow our Top 10 ways to keep them Happy and Safe.



1 - Plan where your pet will be once Trick or Treating begins.   If your pet is easily stressed with knocks or the doorbell, find a quiet bathroom where they can hide out.   A nightlight, treats, and toys should soothe them during the festivities.    To muffle noises, turn the exhaust fan on!    Your pooch will sleep right through it all.


2 - Only calm dogs that are well trained should assist you at the door for giving out candy.    If your pup is overeager, strong-willed, or likes to bark, it’s best to secure them away from the door.   It may not stress your pup, but it sure will stress your trick or treaters.    You surely wouldn’t want a scared little witch to swat or hit your dog out of fear.


3 - Don’t let your dog walk the streets unleashed tonight.    People and cars will be going to and fro.   It will be more than too easy for your dog to get hit or hurt.   If your dog is walking the streets with you, make sure they are wearing a reflective vest or collar, and a leash!


4 - Is there candy in the house?    Please DO NOT overfeed sugary treats to your pup.   Their system is just not equipped to process such content.   Not only will they feel bad, they will most likely throw up most of the treats.   This means cleaning for you!


5 - What is one of the most popular candies to hand out at Halloween?  Anything with chocolate!    Never feed your dog chocolate candy!   This can be toxic and fatal to them.    If your dog is nosy, make sure you have secured all dangerous candy in a spot that is out of their jumping reach.


6 - Is your pup wearing a doggie costume?   Make sure they are comfy and not anxious about this.   I know it’s cute to see pet’s sporting costumes but please make sure your dog is buying into this craze.   If he is whining, backing up trying to escape, moping, or just generally unhappy, have some sympathy - remove the outfit.


7 - If your dog is normally an indoor dog, the cool night may be too much for them.   You can help them deal with cold temps by letting them wear some type of coat or jacket.


8 - If your doggie or kitty normally lives outside, make sure they are in a safe location and do not let them roam tonight.   It is very sad to say but there are groups they enjoy stealing your pet and using them as a sacrifice for various rituals.   Don’t lose your pet in such a cruel and heartless way.     They are depending on you to keep them safe and sound.


9 - Never accept pet treats from a trick or treater to give to your pet.     If you do not know the treater, it could very well be a very mean and evil trick on your pet!


10 - Make sure your pet has been fed and well hydrated before Halloween activities begin.    If they are on the anxious side and begin to stress, they most likely will not be able to eat after they get upset.




A little bit of planning will go along way for keeping your pet peaceful and happy on Halloween night. 


Although the festivities can be exciting and fun, it is important to always remember the needs of your pets and do right by their needs.   They are depending on you for their wellbeing!


Drake looking very content for Halloween night



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