How to Keep Your Pet Toasty Warm in the Cold

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Post on how to keep your pet warm during the cold months


Your pet will thank you for reading this post!  

We have put together the top ways to keep your outside pet warm, cozy, and safe during the cold winter months.

Although your pet is equipped with fur, that doesn’t mean that they are ready to withstand the toughest of winter days and nights.   They may need for you to provide safe shelter to help them manage successful living outside during frigid temperatures.


What can you do?



1 - Provide shelter for your outside pet from the high winds and rain.    You and I both know that when the wind starts whipping up, it can chill you straight to the bone.   It makes the temperature feel even colder than it really is.   Providing a shelter away from these harsh elements can help your pet stay calm, content, and happy.     Our selection of Dog Houses provides a durable shield from Mother Nature's wind, rain, and sun.


On a budget?  If your pet can tuck inside a garage or porch, provide them a padded bed or a big box with a cutout for jumping in.    Old blankets work wonders, too, for making this area feel cozy and insulated from the cold flooring.



2 - Dog clothing is a perfect way to add warmth to their body.   Pet Hangout has a huge selection of Dog Apparel like coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets.   Letting your dog wear a layer of extra protection keeps their body temperature up and prevents them from shaking.  

A good rule of thumb:  If you think you need a hat or gloves, then your dog needs a coat!

Your pet’s extremities can get colder too.   Special dog boots can help their paws feel warm and snug and protect them from ice cuts, irritating salts, and extreme temps.


3 - Keep food and water plentiful and close to their shelter.   A full belly is a warm body - this will help your pet feel comforted.    Make sure you increase their protein and fat intake too.   Eating and drinking keep your pet healthy and hydrated during the cold.  



4 - Provide a heated solution for your pet.   

  • Select a self-heated cot or pad to place in the bottom of their bedding.    This special material works in unison with your pet’s body to circulate heat.
  • This microwavable pad stays warm for hours.   Heat up and place in their bedding and watch your pet sleep soundly all night long.
  • Buy a powered heated cat or dog house that is specifically designed to be safe for your pet.
  • Buy a powered heated pad for their bedding.   Make sure it is designed to be safe for your pet.


5 - Never leave your pet unattended in the cold car.    We all know not to leave a pet in a hot car because of how fast the temperature can rise.   The same holds true for a cold car.   The temperature can plummet very fast.



6 - Never leave your pet unattended with a space heater.   These units are very dangerous and could explode.   Your pet could also rub too close to it and get burned.   



7 - If the forecast is calling for dangerous temps where your pet can become frostbitten or fall into hypothermia OR if you don’t have the means to provide them an outside heated solution, please bring indoors until the temps are back to a reasonable level.   

Doggie cuddling in a warm blanket





8 - Take your pet to a vet immediately if you see any signs of frostbite or hypothermia.

  • Affected skin is pale, gray, or bluish
  • Pain when you touch area
  • Your pet is having trouble walking
  • Swelling, blisters, or ulcers on the affected area
  • Paws appear brittle or frozen
  • Shivering
  • Lack of mental alertness
  • Lethargic
  • Shallow, slow breathing


Remember, always use your best judgement and pay attention to the weather forecast for the upcoming night and next day.   A little planning will go a long way for protecting your outside pets from dangerous temperatures.      These tips should be used as a first course of action in providing a dry, warm place for your pet to take cover.

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Although when reading it, it might seem obvious, this is such a good refresher, especially that we're moving into the colder months now. Thank you for going into all the details, I'm definitely sharing this!!

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