How To Keep Your Pet Safe During The Crazy Holidays

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how to keep your pet safe during the crazy holidays.

Fun and festive come to mind


when you hear the word, Holidays!  

But to your pet, it can sometimes be dangerous, stressful, and scary.  

Follow these tips to keep your sweet, furry baby safe this Holiday season.     



How to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Crazy Holidays:

1 - Lights and cords -  Do you have a kitty or puppy that wants to chew on Xmas light cords?   

This could cause shock or even worse, death if they decide to chomp into a cord that has active power running through it.

To Protect:   Keep cords tied together and up off the floor, if possible.    To provide an extra layer of protection, any exposed cords can be wrapped with electrical tape.

christmas lights can be dangerous to your pet.    



2 - Glass Ornaments - Although these can be shiny and beautiful on the tree, they could break if batted around by your pet.   Your pet could cut their paw or mouth if they try to chew on these.

To Protect:   We recommend shatterproof ornaments.   They are just as pretty and shiny these days, cheaper, and a much wiser choice if you have pets around the Xmas tree.

Glass ornaments can be dangerous to your pets.



3 - Parties/ Guests - The festive mood with parties and extra visitors in your home could make your pet feel uneasy and nervous.  If little ones are coming into your home, they could be a bit loud and boisterous.

To Protect:   Find a protected area, room, or different part of the house where your pet can hang out during the festivities.   You can muffle the noise level by putting on soft, soothing music where your pet is.   

If an unexpected, loud visitor shows up and makes your pet uneasy, politely excuse your pet to another area of the home and tell your guests that they need a little rest/time-out.

Holidays parties can be stressful for your pet.



4 - Rich and Yummy food - Amazing cakes, cookies, and lavish dishes are often prepared during the Holidays.   Although you love and want to reward your pet, often times this rich food can wreak havoc on your pet’s intestinal tract.

To Protect:   Keep healthy and yummy pet treats on hand.   When your pet begs for the people food, toss a healthier alternative to your sweet kitty or puppy.    The last thing you want to happen right now is for your pet to be sick with diarrhea or vomiting.

Festive holiday foods can upset your pet's stomach.



5 - Chocolate anyone?    Who doesn’t love grandma’s award-winning chocolate peanut butter balls!  But beware, chocolate can be toxic to your pet if digested in large amounts.

To Protect:  It is best to never give your pet just one bite of chocolate.    Again, keep a healthy alternative to chocolate like yogurt pet treats.    

Also, make sure you don’t leave chocolate lying around in the wrapper.   Your pet will seek it out because they will be able to smell it.   If you’re not careful, they will sneak the wrapped chocolate away and dig in.    Keep your chocolate safely and securely away from your dogs and cats to avoid any accidents.

Chocolate is dangerous to your pet.



5 - Traveling - Keeping your pup or kitty on the go during the colder months can bring germs their way.

Keep your pet ultra healthy during the Holidays so they can have fun with you!

To Protect:  Take an extra measure and give them a multi-vitamin blend to ward off the cold and flu.   You will also want to get them a cute pet sweater or coat (especially for doggies when they go outside to potty).    Keeping them warm and comfortable will help their immune system stay strong.

Traveling with your pet during the Holidays.



6 - New Toys - There are numerous novelty pet toys on sale during the Holidays.

To Protect:  Make sure you are buying a quality product that won’t rip apart during the first play.   Some toys are very cheaply made (with thin rubber or plastic) and fall apart quickly.  

Toy parts could become lodged in your dog’s or cat’s throat or intestines!      The last place you want to visit during the Holidays is the emergency vet!





It's easy to keep your pet safe this season by taking some precautionary steps.     Keep glass ornaments and lights away from your pet always.    This will avoid any electrical shock or cuts.   You will also want to keep healthy treats around the house to feed to your little beggar over rich, human foods.   These foods can upset your pet's tummy very quickly.       Have a calm place for your pet to rest during any loud parties or while active visitors drop by.     And lastly, arm your pet with warm coats and vitamins during travel time to keep their immune system running strong!     


These are some of the first steps you can take to keep your pet healthy and happy during this Holiday season.    We wish you and your furry loves health and joy always!!

Happy pets during the Holiday season.



Do you have more safety tips for pet parents this Holiday season?

 Please share will us below...


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