How to Cherish your Labrador and Grateful Pup

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Shade and Lulu waiting eagerly for a treat


We can't wait until you meet these two!


Shade, a 9 month old Black Labrador, and his side kick Lulu, are all you need for a fun loving and happy evening.    Both make their home in the Upstate of South Carolina and pretty much rule their home.    They add much affection and happiness to the LaPage household.  Their Mom, Denise,  says she doesn’t know what they ever did without them.

We went to visit their home to spend some time with these curious canines and get a glimpse into just what daily life is all about.   Their human siblings, Patrick and Payton, obviously love these dogs very much!

Patrick and Payton posing with the dogs, Shade and Lulu



Let’s learn a bit about each dog for starters.

Shade at a glance:

Name:   Shade Alexander LaPage

Breed:   Black Labrador Retriever

Why get a dog:  

It was Love at first sight Denise says.  The family was headed to eat supper at RJ Rockers.    Outside of the restaurant, a breeder had 3 puppies that were available for adoption.     Shade promptly stole everyone’s heart and was in!   We're not even sure if they made it inside for supper…  but they did leave with a “black beauty” for sure.

Where:  RJ rockers in Spartanburg, SC

Born:  April 29th, 2016

Obedience Training:  yes, he went to Upstate Dog Training for a 3 week session.   He got to come home on the weekends (which was awesome).

Favorite Toy:  No real favorite but does like to have fun playing with Mom.


  • Way laid back
  • Loves to be held by his humans
  • Very disciplined (after obedience training)
  • Loves to be chased
  • Loves to dig outside  


  • Eats paper
  • Makes spitballs and spits them out - Ha ha just like the boys in school!

Multiple pics of Shade the cool dog


Lulu at a glance:

Name:  Lulu Isabella LaPage

Breed:  Mixed

Why adopt another dog?:  The family is frequently away for the kid's activities.   Shade was getting to the point where he would cry when they left because he wanted to go too.  Denise thought it would be best to get him a playmate and companion so he wouldn’t be so sad when they were away.

Where:  God’s Grace Canine Rescue in Charlotte, NC

Born:  September 1st, 2016

Obedience Training:  no – not yet anyway  ☺

Favorite Toy:  all toys, especially balls,  but Shade is her favorite toy!   Is obsessed with rawhides too.


  • Polar opposite from Shade – high energy and high spirited
  • Crazy but sweet
  • No fear
  • Playful and a bit destructive - yikes  
  • Awesome jumper       


  • Sensitive stomach
  • Burps and farts – okay, so maybe not the daintiest of girls
  • Kisses her mom when she needs to go out to potty - very smart we say!!

Spunky little Lulu posing for some pics


The duo at a glance:

Favorite Food:  Apples and carrots 

Favorite Treat:  Nutro treats and Gobstoppers - wait... that for dogs?   Well, maybe not marketed as a dog treat but a little bit of sweetness every now and then is definitely okay.   Rest assured, their mom feeds them healthy treats on a regular basis!

Lulu keeping careful watch over the treatsGobstoppers an unlikely dog treat   

Daily Food:  Hills Ideal Balance

Baths:  Once every 10 days or so.    Their coats are always shiny and they smell dreamy.   

Dental Cleaning:   We have to hand out huge kudos to this doggie mom.  She believes in brushing their teeth on a daily basis.   She uses a rubberized finger tip glossed with pet toothpaste.   After opening their mouth, she rubs the tip back and forth on their teeth and gums.    We must admit, they do have some pearly white teeth!!  

Denise with the dog toothpaste Shade and Lulu getting their teeth brushed



Some things we noticed about these dogs and their humans that prove just how treasured and cherished they are to this family ~~

We weren’t sure who loved the dogs more, the mom or her two kids, Patrick and Payton.     You could tell that Shade and Lulu have brought so much fun and laughter to the home.   And the kids were not a bit shy about showing us how they played with them.

Of course, it’s natural to note that the main living area has pretty much turned into a doggie den.   Denise has strategically placed seat and couch covers on her nice furniture for protection from this rowdy bunch.

Denise holding big baby Shade

Hey, we are thinking it’s a fair trade-off for the amount of "happy" that the dogs give back to the family.


We especially enjoyed watching Lulu (Shade wasn’t as enamored by this thing) play with a Babble Ball.    This exciting dog toy has a motion sensor and will make animal sounds when activated.   It was quite entertaining to watch her reaction when the ball starting talking back.  

Watch this video for a smile...


This dynamic duo also loves to sleep in perfect formation.   We are just wondering who copied whom here.   This is so sweet and a testament to how dogs can learn from each other.   We love this!

Shade and Lulu copying each other for perfect sleep formation


And would you please check out this wrestling match!    Who do you think is winning?

Lulu winning the wrestling match with Shade


Both Shade and Lulu are absolutely adored by the kids, as you can tell from these pics - so, so cute...

Patrick holding Shade and Payton outside with the duo



Lulu took it upon herself to guard this all too important document - my notes!

Lulu guarding my notes



Shade and LuLu keeping warm in their pretty sweaters ~~

Shade and Lulu sporting their favorite sweaters



Do you think Payton loves these pooches?   We are pretty sure she does!

Payton sitting on the couch with the pups



Do you think Shade just loves LuLu?  Awe...

Shade loving on Lulu



And we wouldn't want to miss the perfect opportunity to tell you that we first met Shade while walking one of our dogs, Drake.    Shade was a little puppy at the time.   He was so timid and unsure of Drake.  Drake is a pure sweetheart but does not have many manners.   He is high strung and doesn’t know "slow".    I had to actually make Drake sit down and wait for Shade to come to him for the meeting.   This gave Shade more confidence and security and settled Drake down a bit too.   They became  BFFs and love to see each other on walks now.


When Lulu entered the picture, let’s just say Drake was smitten at first site.   On the other hand, Lulu is still trying to size him up. 

Drake, Lulu, and Shade meeting in the street



WE can only hope that you fell in love with these two as fast as we did.   They are the perfect example of the good we can find in all dogs.    Such beauties and entertaining for sure.


Many thanks to Denise, Patrick, and Payton for letting us get to know their pets, Shade and Lulu.    We are very appreciative of the time we spent with them and the smiles they gave us.   This is one family that surely knows how to incorporate their animals into everyday life.   We believe their demonstration of how to love and treasure their dogs are an inspiration to all pet lovers everywhere!

Shade and Lulu posing for me.


Until we meet again on a good walk - Shade and Lulu – Drake sends his love of course…


Do you own dogs that are best friends?     Send us a message and tell us -  We would love to learn all about them too.

What do you think of Shade and Lulu?    Do your dogs love or hate each other?

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