9 Ways You Can Speak Your Dog's Love Language

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9 ways to Speak Your Dog's Love Language


Can you speak your dog's love language?

We all know that the art of relationships is to figure out what actions make the other feel all warm and fuzzy.

Everyone is always talking about what dogs do for them...lowers your blood pressure, gives you unconditional love, and is a faithful companion always!

But, what about the other side of the relationship?   What about your pup's needs?  Are you giving them everything they need to feel like a whole doggie  - happy and satisfied through and through? 



Here are some tried and proven ways to speak your dog's love language:


1 - Toys, toys, toys

Your dog has a need to play with toys.    Wrestling with toys and playing tug of war with you is more than just playtime.   It provides an excellent work out for your dog's gums and muscles throughout their body.      Observe your dog and figure out if they are happier with chew, stuffed, or tug toys.     Once you figure that out,  you can shop our best dog toys and make your dog grin from ear to ear.

Buy your pup lots of toys.


2 - Spending quality time with your dog

Why did you want a dog anyway?   Was it to keep them in the backyard or corner of the room so you could just look at him or her?   Well no!    Grab that leash and go for long walks with your dog or head on out to a local doggie park.    Your furry friend will love interacting with others and going new places.   This speaks volumes of love and affection to them!!



3 - A clean and comfy bed

Nothing makes your pup feel more loved than to nestle down in a clean and comfortable bed.     This makes them feel warm, secure, and very cared for by their human.    If you are looking for our most popular bedding solution, you've got to buy your dog an orthopedic dog bed.   They are ultra supportive for your pup and ultra easy for you to maintain and clean!   It's a win-win.


4 - Bath time!

Okay, so maybe all dogs don’t like the water.  However, they will love the way they feel after getting a warm bath.    Dry itchy skin disappears, and a refreshed feeling will make them feel healthier and happier.    We guarantee the tail will wag after it is all over!!



5 - Healthy Treats

Do you buy the cheapest treat on the shelf?   Have you looked at those ingredients lately?   All kinds of things that you cannot pronounce.   A lot of the "cheaper" treats are loaded with fillers and other empty ingredients to preserve freshness.    If you want your dog to look and feel great, you've got to up your game and buy them quality treats that will promote awesome health.   Check out our organic dog treats that might even make your mouth water too.

Yummy dog treats make your pup happy.



6 - Friends

Be your dog’s best friend.   Make sure you are spending consistent time with them.    They love your attention and enjoy hanging out with you always!    Show me a dog that spends lots of time with their human and I'll show you a dog that is happier and healthier.   This is their primary mission you know - to be with you!



7 - Massages

Your dog battles stress factors just like you do.  Massaging your dog helps relax them and decreases tension in muscles.   "Feel good" endorphins are also released that bonds them to you and puts them in their happy place.   Start a new habit - find a great sitting spot and invite your dog to lay down in front of you.   Start by massaging their paws and move to the fact of their head and neck.    They will love you forever!!



8 - Positive Speech 

Lift your pup’s spirits by speaking in an upbeat tone of voice.   This gets their tail wagging and their blood pumping.    They will always be excited to be with you when you make them feel this happy and loved.



9 - Hugs, Kisses, and Pets

Well, who doesn’t love this?   Your dog does have feelings despite what some experts try to sell us!     Tender pets and loving hugs will go a long way to letting your dog know that they are your favorite peep!

Hug and kiss your dog.



So, have you figured it out yet?   Your dog's love language?

It's not very hard really - probably more common sense than anything.    Providing for their basic needs and showing them real love is a must.    Time invested in their happiness means giving of yourself.   Go ahead, pour on those hugs, pets, massages, toys, and yummy treats! 

Your dog will be bragging at the doggie park about you to all their friends!



What is your dog's biggest love language?   Comment below and let us know!

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