10 Amazing Military Dogs that will Die for your Freedom

Posted by ted@pethangout 05/26/2017 1 Comment(s)

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Did you know that our Military trust K9's


to lead units and detect threatening conditions?


Pet Hangout would like to show our gratefulness and appreciation for our awesome military dogs by featuring some incredible pictures of these courageous canines serving our country.

We encourage you to reflect on the acts you see these dogs engaging in...   They are protectors, friends, and selfless companions to our men and women in uniform.    We salute every military canine and their sacrifice for us and our country!

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Less words - more inspiration below ~


Military dog being lowered



Military dog sky diving



Military dog that has lost one ear



Military dog and his handler



Military dog getting ready to jump out of plane



Military dog with his handler



Military dog sleeping with some soldiers



Soldier carrying his hurt military dog



Training a military dog



Military dog in goggles

Thank you brave hearts!!   We love you and owe you so very much.


Which picture inspired you?

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1 Comment(s)

06/06/2017, 08:32:55 AM

I never realized dogs were used this much in the forces

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