Exposing Ella The Morkie "Killer Dawg"

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We lovingly call this Morkie “Ella the Killer Dawg”!

Ella the Morkie Killer Dawg

Ella is an eight year old Morkie born on 3/9/2009 in the state of South Carolina.   Her genes come from a purebred Mom Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Dad Maltese.    We think she is quite the sweet doggie but definitely holds true to some of the common Morkie tendencies. She loves to cling close to her humans and stands tall against most anything.  Ella’s pet parents, Sara & Ryan DeYoung, are always looking for the next exciting Ella escapade! 

Ella with Mom and Dad


We went to visit Ella in her home, located in SC, to get to know her and her family a little better. 

Ella at a glance:

Name:   Canela Rose DeYoung.   Canela is the Italian word for cinnamon.   When she was a puppy, she had a tan-like swirl on her head with a white line that reminded Sara of a cinnamon bun.   Sara decided to use a shortened version of Canela for her informal name which is how she ended up being called Ella!

Why get a Morkie?:  Ella was a mend token after a really rough relationship fizzle for her mom, Sara. 

Mom instantly fell in love with her stating, “She was the perfect puppy for a broken heart.  We have been inseparable ever since.   When I went to look at her litter, Ella started following me around so she really chose me first.”

Ella says,  “ I used to sleep with Mom until she got MARRIED!  Now, I freely choose to sleep in my cozy crate right by the bed.   It was just too crowded for me!”

Where:  Ella’s roots go back to her breeder’s home in Traveler’s Rest, SC

Born:  March 3rd, 2009     As all puppies are, she was a precious baby!

 Baby Ella

Favorite Food:  Bacon and Chick-fil-A fries (ours too!)

Favorite Treat:  Milk Bone's Mini size  

Ella mini Milk Bone


Daily Food:  Purina Beyond – Simply 9

Favorite Toy:  Ella isn’t much of a toy girl but does love her human’s socks!


  •  Needs her people
  •  Loves to sit on laps
  •  To get your attention, she will pat her paw on your face (awe…too cute). 
  •  Loves to give kisses, very gentle with children
  • Jumps vertical into mom's arms (so sweet)



Interesting Fact:

  • Morkies are considered easier on a person's allergies since they do not shed hair.   To see other dogs like her, read our post, Dogs that are Nice to Your Nose.


  • She does have separation anxiety. 
  • If she is left access to a trash can, it is all over!!   She will pick the whole contents apart.  

Ella in the trash

  • A highly paid escape artist :-)  Ella says, “There is no baby gate I can’t conquer!”  Rumor has it that she was once seen standing and howling over a gate that she climbed over.
  • When Ella is left alone, her parents have to roll up the den rug so that she will not…well…you know…do her business on it out of a little frustration that she is home alone.  ** We gather that she might be a bit conniving when left alone. 
  • Family:  Ella has a bunny brother named Paco and five chicken sisters named Petunia, Polly, Penny, Pip, and Ruby. 

Ella and brother bunny PacoElla with sister chickens 


Now that you have an overview of Ms. Ella, let’s dive into a great story that supports our rundown of her.


Our funniest and yet OMG moment about Ella we will call, “Chicken Bones Gone Wild!"

     Once upon a time, Ella and her friend Willy stayed at a college townhouse while their humans went out for supper.   Before they left, the boyfriends had been busy eating on some good ole chicken wings.   As normal as it seemed, they put the chicken bones into the trash before leaving.   The humans head out the door and lock it thinking all was safe and good inside…

After the door clicks closed, we can imagine the two dogs having a conversation something like this…

Ella:   So what do you think Willy, should we head on down to the trashcan now and jump in?

Willy:  Are you kidding me Ella?  You know we will get into bad trouble if we do that.

Ella:  Seriously, they never really spank me.  I can get away with most anything…

Willy:  Well, I’m staying put.  I do get reprimanded and it’s getting close to Christmas you know and I have to keep my nose clean!  I am asking for this new toy called “The Loopy Loop”.  

Ella in santa hat

Ella:  That’s fine – be a wiener dog.   I will do it all myself!  You stay here and I will be back in a bit because you know you want a bone, don’t you?

Willy:  Ummmm, yes, I kind a do….

So, Ella makes her way down the stairs and into the kitchen where she finds the best smelling garbage can ever!   Chicken surprise is just oozing into the air with its many aromas.   Ella makes a running jump and catches herself onto the side of the can….hangs on…pulls…throws her head into it…can is rocking and YES, the can is over!!!  Victory is here!    Ella begins to comb through the can digging out the prized chicken parts and with some meat still on them!)   

She begins to eat the first one, then remembers she was suppose to take one to Willy.   She starts up the stairs.   Heading up the stairs…but it tastes so good… she decides to stop and pick all the meat off of this one.    Okay, so she leaves the bone on the steps and heads back to the kitchen for another…

Back up the stairs and repeat… whoops head back down for another.   Okay this time she does make it up to Willy and proudly drops one at his feet.   Ella is strutting around pretty proud of her accomplishments about now…   UNTIL…..

Yep, you guessed it…the back door opens and their humans are back home.

Can you guess what happened next?...

Ella's chicken bones

Sara's first thought:  "Why do I see chicken everywhere?  Why is Ella hiding?  Oh my word, is this real life?    ..... Whaaattt has she done?!"

They found chicken ALL OVER the townhome...trails of it leading upstairs to Willy, who was hiding under the bed, along with Ella.  Can you say, "rut roa"?  (in your best Scooby voice)

We are thinking it was a bad day for Miss Ella and maybe poor Willy too.  :-(   Talk about “trouble makers” bringing ya down… 

Ella and Willie


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Ella also has been known to display very protective and “killer dog” instincts (yes, we’re grinning) toward anyone approaching her home.


Sara says,  "Regardless of her little shenanigans she gets into, we love and adore her so much and feel so blessed to be her humans!"


We will close with a few more pics of Ella being Miss Ella.  

Ella and SusieElla hanging out window

Ella in the toilet paperElla at Christmas


Pet Hangout hopes this little preview into Ella’s life has brought you some smiles and insight into life with a Morkie.   Ella is truly very special and a God send, despite her little “bad” moments.   We understand there isn’t a perfect pet and always encourage you to embrace your pet’s strengths and weaknesses.  After all, they give us this unconditional love every single day!

Many thanks to Sara and Ryan for welcoming us into their home and letting us peek into Ella’s world.   We are grateful to all of our pet parents and their loving pets!!

Ryan Sara and Ella Collage


Do you own a Morkie or other special pet that we should feature?   Send us a message and tell us -  We would love to get to know your pet too!


What do you think about Ella?   Is she a little stinker "killer dawg" or all kisses? 

Share your thoughts below…

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Sara DeYoung:
12/09/2016, 11:38:38 AM

Thank you for featuring our little Ella! We love how your captured her BIG personality so well! We can't wait to share your website with all of our friends! Much love to pethangout.com!!!!

Donna Millwood:
12/12/2016, 10:16:23 AM, pethangout.com

We loved getting to know Ella. It was such a pleasure to write about that silly girl!!

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