Sensational Siamese Cats - 7 Exciting Facts that will Surprise

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The gorgeous Siamese Cat is a special cat indeed.


The Siamese Cat has a rich, rich history that originates from the Thai cat (or Wichien Maat) of 19th century Thailand.   Because of it’s playful, friendly nature, the Siamese quickly became one of the most popular cats to own in Europe and North America.   

The traditional Siamese is characterized by an “apple-shaped” faced, big blue eyes, and pointed coloring (solid with extremities dipped in color).     I say “traditional” because, in the 1950’s & 1960’s, there was a movement by show breeders to refine the Siamese Cat’s look by selective breeding to produce a more almond shaped eye and an elongated and slimmer body.    In essence, a much more sophisticated and aristocratic look.

Over the years, the two distinct looks have evolved into acknowledging 2 different types of Siamese breeds.


1 - The Traditional - the “Thai” breed - shapes more like the common domestic cat.


2 - The Modern - the “new-style” breed - much thinner with longer lines in their body, head, and face.   And don't forget about the bigger ears!



The traditional Siamese Cat  The modern Siamese Cat

Despite the fact that the Siamese breed took 2 different paths, there are still many common traits that both share.   

Here are 7 notable facts about both of these sub-breeds:

1 - Pointed pattern - Siamese  have a light colored body with marked tips (usually chocolate, lilac, seal, or blue) on their feet, ears, tail, and face.   Both variations share the pointed pattern.   The only difference is the shape of their head, body, and ears.



Lilac point Siamese





2 - Personality traits -  Siamese cats are extremely social and want to be close to their humans.    At times, some attach to one person in a very strong way.    Their cries have been compared to a baby’s cry.   And they can be persistent until they get what they want.       Most do not like to be left alone for extended periods of times.  

If you are:  considering getting a Siamese, please consider getting two so that they can keep one another company when you are away.



Siamese have been known to attach themselves strongly to one person.


Siamese are affectionate with other pets.





3 - Health - The health of your Siamese can depend on the level of commitment your breeder had to preserve the integrity of the bloodline.   Some Siameses are prone to diseases like eye issues, bladder stones, heart issues, and certain types of cancer.   You should be very selective when choosing your breeder and ask for references.   Check out the references (preferably older ones) to see how their cat’s health has been.    Their average lifespan is about 15 years.

If you are: considering a Siamese, do your research on breeders and follow up with references.   If they do not have references OR will not let you see their entire breeding area, walk away and don’t think twice.     

One final note:   The good news is your cat’s health is not entirely due to their ancestry line.    Their health is also affected by their level of play activity, emotional stability, and diet.   You can control all of these things.   Treat your Siamese like a child.   Think about what you are feeding them, make sure they have plenty of play areas and toys,  and give them a lot of attention and love.



Siamese sitting on a piece of furniture





4 - Playful - They are very playful and have dog-like tendencies.   Some absolutely love to play fetch.   They love to play with other animals, including dogs.    If you are missing your favorite pair of earrings or cufflinks, check with your Siamese first.   They have been known to take things from their favorite human’s stash and hide it in their private place.    One theory is it makes them feel closer to you when you are away.   But I think you have got to love their playful nature and free spirit.   I am sure you will get more than a couple of laughs living with a sassy Siamese.


Siamese love to play with toys and other animals.







5 - Grooming - They have pretty short hair that is relatively easy to care for.  Most cats keep themselves clean and well groomed by themselves.  However, if you have a bit of a “lazy” feline, you will want to brush their coat at least once a week and trim their nails every other week.    Keep a sisal tree or scratching post in their space to encourage them to self-trim too.  As your Siamese ages, you may want to brush their teeth as well.   This keeps organ-damaging bacteria on their teeth from getting into their system.  


Siamese love to talk to you.





6 - Famous actors - Siamese Cats have been used in some pretty famous shows and movies.

      a.  A Siamese named DC - Who remembers Disney’s “That Darn Cat”.   It was one of my favorite movies for sure and I even had the album of the soundtrack.  

      b.  Two Siamese named Si and Am - The Lady and the Tramp.

      c.   A Siamese named Tao - The Incredible Journey was a book turned into a movie.  

      d.  Two Siamese named Koko and Yum Yum - Starred in "The Cat Who..." mystery novels.

      e.  A Siamese named Shun Gon - The Aristocats.   I loved this one too!

 You should view some of these timeless pieces and watch these beautiful Siameses in action.

Seal point Siamese are popular in movies





7 - Breeds derived from the Siamese - Some other breeds that you may know and love that have been formed by crossing with a Siamese include the Balinese, Bengal, Birman, Burmese, Havana Brown, Himalayan, Javanese, Oriental Shorthair, Snowshoe, and Tonkinese.   The Savannah Cat is another one that has Siamese blood and received their "gift of gab".   You should take time to read all about the Savannah and listen to one of them talk.   I think it is safe to say that the Siamese has played a crucial role in forming some of our breeds of today, including their look and personality traits.  

The Himalayan ancestor is a Siamese. 


The Siamese Cat - A long tradition in beauty, spender, and intrigue.   If you have a cat that isn’t a Siamese, the next time you look at him or her, think about the possibilities of their roots.  Maybe just maybe they are carrying a bit of the Siamese gene and some of their great personality.   Siameses are ultra friendly, social,  and always want to be near their loved ones (human or animal).   They are fairly easy to take care of and generally are of good health.  Of course, you need to do your part to ensure you are selecting a responsible breeder and giving your cat the right nutrition and care to maintain their health for years to come.   Their playfulness is abundant and they will alway surprise you with their antics and schemes. 




Do you live with a Sensational Siamese?  

Please tell us about them below - I would meow like one (if I could) to learn about your sweet or sneaky Siamese.


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