How to get Your Cat to Go Potty in The Toilet

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How to get your cat to go potty in the toilet.


Pet Hangout is going all practical on you today!  

Have you ever given thought to how much you spend yearly on cat litter?     

hmm.. let’s see.. doing a quick search I see that cat litter ranges from around $11 - $16 for 14 - 40 pounds. 

Your price really depends on the quality of the cat litter too.  

For example sake, let’s pick an average price $13.50 / 20 pounds of litter.

That much litter could last you anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks, depending, of course, on the number of felines that grace your space.

Let’s go with every 3 weeks for the average.

So, you would purchase about 18 (rounded up) times a year.

18 x $ 13.5 = $243.00

Remember this is on average and for 1 cat.

It only goes up from there if you have multiple cats in the home.

I have 3 cats and spend around $364.00 / year.

Are my babies worth it?  

Well, of course, they are.     

I love my kitties so very much and they bring me great joy, love, and affection.

But what if I told you there is a better way?

And on top of that, you could save that cat litter money and put toward some new clothes, your home, or a much needed weekend getaway!

Yep, this is amazing and the best-kept secret since sliced bread.

…and if that isn’t convincing enough…

What about the thought of never, ever having to scoop stinky litter again....

Okay, now we are talking for sure!!

This ensures that your home never smells like cat urine or poop again!   

Do I have your attention now?


You can actually, and quite easily really, train your cat to use your toilet!!



Yes, I’m serious. 


Read on to discover how to get your cat to go potty in the toilet!

You fake your cat out basically.   You are going to benefit from the fact that your cat wants to use their litter box.

All you do is use a toilet training system that fits over your existing toilet lid.

You place their same litter in the top of the fitting.

You still need to scoop too.   

The trick is weekly, you cut out a little more of the center of the training tray.


Toilet training system for kitty

Gradually, your cat’s business begins to fall into the toilet.

And they will begin to figure out that there is less and less to cover up.

All you have to do is buzz by the toilet and give it an occasional flush!!

Since you are gradually cutting out the center of the tray, your cat gets more and more conditioned to this fact.   They begin to sit on the rim of the toilet instead of in the middle of the tray (because the middle is disappearing!)

Once, the complete center has been cut out and there is no more room for litter, you simply lift the training system OFF the rim of the toilet. …and …wait and watch your cat.

They will go right back on the rim and yep, you guessed it…pee pee or poopie right in the toilet!   


See the progression below?


Progression of kitty using the toilet training system.



Now, a couple of notes to keep in mind:


1 - Before beginning the training system, relocate your cat’s current litter box right beside the toilet.   Give them a couple of weeks to get used to using their box in this new location. 


 You will also want to check the dimensions of the training system tray you are going to purchase to make sure it will fit your toilet rim.

Screen shot of toilet training system dimensions.



2 - Once you begin the training system, load the litter into the top of the training unit and place on the rim of your toilet.   


Be sure to REMOVE their litter box at this point so they will not be confused.  (note:  some instructions say to place the litter box inside the toilet but this doesn't sound very practical to me.   Especially, if the box is bigger than the toilet diameter!  I say just remove it altogether!)

Place them up in the new training system and let them sniff around the litter.    This will ensure they know exactly where their litter is when nature calls.


3 - Make sure to scoop out their business frequently to keep the training tray very clean.    It is not as deep as their litter box was so they could become disenchanted with a dirty litter area very quickly.    You DO NOT want this to happen because they may just trash the whole idea and find a new spot to go potty!


4 - If your cat seems hesitant to use the training tray, try sprinkling a little catnip in with the litter!


5 - Noone should try to use this toilet for themselves during this training period.   Dedicate this “John” to just your kitty!


6 -   Make sure there are no other litter boxes in the house that your cat has access to.  This may distract them from using the trainer.


7 - Use flushable cat litter.  This is very important because litter will fall into the toilet.   If you do not use a flushable brand, then it could cause major issues to your plumbing and septic system.

(Note: If you have to change to a flushable litter first, do this during the 1st two weeks when you move their litter box next to the toilet.    DO NOT try a new litter at the same time you are beginning the training system.    Too many changes at once could confuse your cat!)   


8 - After your cat has been trained and the training system has been removed from the toilet, use a method to ensure the lid to the toilet is ALWAYS left up.   You could velcro it to the tank or tie a pretty bow around the tank and lid.  

You never want kitty to head to use the potty only to discover that the lid has been closed!    This will frustrate and discourage your cat in a major way. 


And that's it!    Happy kitty potty training!!




Do you have some good tips for potty training cats?   

Please share with our readers below!

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