5 Reasons Your Curious Cat And Loyal Dog Are Different

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5 reasons your curious cat and loyal dog are different.


Have you ever noticed 

 that your dog and cat are quite different?   

That’s right, all pets are NOT created equal.

Before I delve into some major differences, I want to point out, that I love both of these beautiful creatures.    

Trying to make your cat measure up to your dog and vice versa is like comparing an apple to an orange!

They are both fruits (pets) but were created different, look different, act different, and will never ever be like the other!    I encourage you to embrace them for who they are and love the incredible gift that they can give to you and your family.

I know that some of you dog lovers might be tempted to try to get a cat to act like a dog.   Ha, - we both know that isn’t going anywhere!

Also, some of you cat lovers might be tempted to get a dog to act just like a cat.   I will say that you may be able to train them to do some “cat things” but your dog is going to be happiest following his or her nature - which is to act like a dog!


Let’s explore 5 reasons why your curious cat and loyal dog are different now!


1 - “I gotta go potty"

So our first basic difference is the need to potty.    You can’t get any more down to earth than this reason!    

A cat is a clean nut and will always desire to cover up their bathroom breaks.    Some will even stress over this fact and search high and low for some type of material to cover with.    This basic instinct is why it is so easy to get your cat to use their litter box.    They immediately see that the litter will help them finish the job in style - that is all covered up! 


Did you know that you can even train your cat to use the toilet?   Yes, no lie...it can be done!

Your dog - well, once they are potty trained, their desire is to take their business outside of course.     But really all they want to do is get rid of it.   They may turn to smell (just to verify that it is theirs) but after that, they have no problem just walking away.   That’s right - and if you are in a no poop one, you get to clean the mess up, not your dog!


Doggie getting ready to pee.  Kitty using the potty.



2 - Bath Time!

Who has ever tried to give a cat a bath?  


Ha - well, it can be done but it definitely isn’t a pleasant experience.    A cat comes with its own cleaning routine.   So, unless your kitty is sick, let them do their job and wash.    A cat can clean themselves better than you can anyway and it is much easier for both of you.  


Have you ever felt a cat’s tongue?   It literally feels like sandpaper.   This is one of a kitty’s best-kept secrets to getting themselves super clean!    It works like magic!!

A dog, on the other hand, must have baths at regular intervals to stay clean and smell good.    Dog’s will get that stinky ole “dog smell” unless you bath them regularly.     A lot of the odor comes from bacteria that gets in their fur and paws.     They cannot lick it away as effectively as a kitty can.   A dog will try to keep their paws clean but it is quite the losing battle.     However, we will give them an A+ for effort!


Tabby taking a bath.   Doggie getting a bath.




3 - Quiet Time!

A cat loves their solitude and reflective time alone.    Even the most loving of kitties still enjoy their “me time”.   It is how a kitty is wired and no amount of human intervention is going to change this in their nature.   Now, you may have a lap kitty that loves to curl up in your lap OR beside you OR you may have a kitty from afar that wants to perch somewhere safe so they can keep an eye on your whereabouts.

A dog wants their solitude to include their most favorite human!    They are ultra-social creatures and are always eager to receive your highest praise and acknowledgment.


small dog resting near his human.   kitty just chilling out.




4 - "Here kitty kitty

A dog will break his or her neck to get to you when you call them or come home from work.   They are wired to always please you and constantly look for your love and validation that they are the best pooch around!

A cat?    Ummm, your cat is in their own little world.    They may look up and acknowledge that you have entered the room but in no way do they need to come running to feel happy, content, or loved by you.   In fact, they will most likely stay put and let you come to them for a rub.   They will let you know they are loving the attention by putting on a good purr for you.    It’s okay, don’t get your feelings hurt.   In their time and when it’s their idea, they will come up to you for some rubs, purrs, and loving.  Just accept it.

These two pictures were taken one right after the other when one of their humans came into the room.  

Drake idolizing his human.    Sam barely awake to see his human.

Can you see the difference in attitude?   It’s not that the cat doesn’t love the human too…he just has a different love language than the dog.  Wouldn’t you agree?



5 - The way they play.

A dog loves to play fetch or can be taught this fun, interactive game quite quickly.    A dog can be in a dead sleep and come out of it quickly if there is fun to be had.     A dog, for the most part, is always ready to run after a toy, jump high for a reward, and do it over and over again until midnight!    

A cat also loves to play but normally it will be his or her idea.    If a cat isn’t in the mood to play, you can just forget it.   They love to chase lights, bat around mice, and kick at fluffy balls of fur.    This can be quite entertaining to watch and they might just let you play too, but remember it’s their decision, not yours!


Dog playing fetch.   Kitty lazily playing with wand.




Your cat and dog are very different by nature's design.   A cat can easily take care of their potty breaks and cleaning and never needs to come running to you to feel happy and content.   And there's a reason your dog is called "a man's best friend".   You certainly do feel their unconditional love every time they come near!    But please don't ever forget, your kitty loves you bunches too, they just don't reveal all of their feelings at one time.   


Can you think of some other dog and cat differences?

Please share with us below...

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