9 Proven Reasons Why You May Dream of Dogs

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9 Proven reasons why you may dream of dogs



Have you been dreaming of dogs lately?     Is it one dog or many?  


Is the dog(s) friendly or combative?   Do you know the dog or is it a strange dog to your past?

Our dreams take us to a place that sometimes is very hard to imagine when we are awake.


Wikipedia defines Dreams like this:

A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, although they have been a topic of scientific, philosophical and religious interest throughout recorded history.  

<source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream>

Most of our dreams occur during REM (rapid eye movement), although they can happen during other stages of sleep too.  They can last anywhere from 3 seconds to 20 - 30 minutes.

This stage of sleep is known as our body’s restorative time.  It’s the best time for our body to heal, regulate our metabolism, blood pressure, and other vital organs.   

So, here at Pet Hangout, we think it stands to reason that it is also a good time for our emotional state to resolve issues and heal as well.


But what does it mean to dream about a dog?  

Have you ever dreamed of your old house dog?



Here are 9 Proven Reasons Why You May Dream of Dogs


1 - You miss your beloved furry friend

      If you have loved animals long enough, you know how painful it can be to lose one to old age or an accident that claims their life.    Sometimes, it can take years to heal from losing your loyal and faithful friend.    

You may just be pining over your sweet dog in your dreams.   Your heart's desire is to play, pet, and cuddle with your dog again.  

Dreaming of your dog gives your emotional being a way to do just that.    Your heart warms up and feels happy, even if you aren’t experiencing the love of a dog in real life.    Your mind tells you otherwise.    

Your body can actually benefit from the health benefits of loving a dog, even in your dreams.   It’s been proven that happy endorphins are released into your bloodstream when you love a dog.

The same thing can happen during sleep when you experience interacting with your dog.  

It could be your mind and body's way of keeping you healthy, even during the sad loss of your sweet doggie.

What you can do:

1 - If this is an enjoyable dream to you, do nothing and hope they continue.

2 - If it’s painful for you, then try getting closure with the fact that you lost your pet.  


Healing steps:

  • Make a beautiful memorial wall of pics and memories somewhere in your home.   
  • Write a letter to your dog and read it once a day to them.  Thank them for being the incredible dog that they were!     I realize this sounds a bit silly but to your mind, it is everything.   It gives you a chance to verbalize your feelings, let your mind hear them, and begin to accept what has happened.
  • Buy them a pretty maker to place on their grave or in a memorial spot in your yard.   Plant blooming shrubs and flowers.  Visit the spot to experience the love all over again with your sweet dog.

Dog companion



2 - The dog represents a character trait in someone close to you.

Dogs can represent all types of character traits, good and bad.

On the good side, they could represent loyalty, faithfulness, trustworthiness, and integrity.

On the bad side, they could represent evil, aggressiveness, hunger, and impatience.

It could be that you are dreaming of a dog that reminds you of someone in your life with some of these character traits.

Is could be someone that is incredibly faithful and loyal to you OR it could be someone that is incredibly mean and aggressive toward you.

If you have unresolved issues with this person, it could be your subconsciousness trying to actively work out the issue while you sleep.


What you can do:


1 - First, identify the person and ask yourself if you have any outstanding issues with them.


2 - If you are currently fearful of this person, seek protection, if needed.  


  • Check for local hotlines near you for shelters for abusive situations.
  • Call the police - file a complaint against this person and/or take out a restraining order.


3 - If the person is sending good vibes your way, then pay them tribute.  You never ever want to take advantage of someone’s good nature.

  • Write them a thank you card
  • Send them a surprise gift
  • Do something kind and unexpected for them  :-)
  • Hope this goodness continues on in your dreams

Dogs that love their humans are very faithful.

Dogs are wonderful protectors.



3 - The dog represents a character trait in yourself.

Just like the traits mentioned above, the dream could be a message coming from our own conscience.    

Identify the trait you are seeing.    Examine yourself carefully.  Do you see this trait in yourself?    

Is it a good one or a bad one?

What you can do:


1 - If it’s a good trait to have, then spread the love on to someone else.   Be thankful that your character has developed in a healthy way.

2 - If it’s a bad trait to have, then there is hope for you!

  • Talk to someone you respect about the issue and get their perspective
  • Talk to a counselor about the problem
  • Ask yourself why you think you have this trait and make an action plan to transform it into a better trait.
  • The first step toward changing anything you do not like is recognizing there is a problem.     If you are feeling you have an undesirable character trait, you have made it by the hardest step!

Dogs may be trustworthy like some humans.



4 - The dog represents a dog that once scared or hurt you very badly.

If you have memories of a dog that terrorized or worse yet, attacked you in the past, you could be reliving this scary life event over and over in your dreams. 

It’s your psyche's way of dealing with the trauma and trying to bring order to the chaos.    It could have also created fears inside of you, that your subconsciousness is working on after you go to sleep.

What you can do:


1 - You may need to seek professional help to assist you in working through this emotional trauma.   Fears are real and we all deal with some type of them over the course of our life.

Your insurance most likely has mental coverage, as well as physical.   Call them and find out if there are recommended providers you can call.

Experts are trained to help you and your brain work through the terrible event and bring closure to it.  After your mind embraces this, it will stop trying to work it out all by itself in your dreams.


Some dogs can be very aggressive.



5 - A pack of dogs could symbolize your desire to be close to a  group of friends.

Are you dreaming of a group of dogs?  Do the dogs differ with each dream?    

It could be that your deep-rooted desire to belong and be a part of a community or family is manifesting itself in this form of a dream.

You are not alone.   All humans have an innate desire to belong and be a part of something bigger than themselves.   We were created for community. 

What you can do:


1 - Seek out a community that shares your interests.   Become involved.    It may be scary at first if you don’t know anyone but it won’t last very long.   

Do you like sports, believe in God, like the outdoors, enjoy gardening, love to walk or exercise?….

Once you figure out your strong interests, then brainstorm what types of groups support those interests.    Google for your interest in local groups.   Make some calls, find out how you can become involved!


Dogs sometimes run in packs



6 - A pack of dogs could symbolize a gang or group of people that have been mean to you.

If you are dreaming of a pack of dogs that are aggressive toward you, it could symbolize a group of people or a group of bullies that you have encountered in your past.

This could do a lot of emotional damage and make you fearful of any type of group of people.

If you can remember back to a time like this and the dream is reoccurring, then it’s most likely your mind trying to resolve this conflict in a better way than it happened in real life.

What you can do:

1 - Seek out counseling to work through this past issue.

2 - Talk to a trusted friend about it.   We all have people in our past that who weren't necessarily kind to us.   It’s part of life and part of learning how to respond to these type of people.

Just remember, it’s actually the bully that has the bigger issue, not yourself!

3 - Find a positive group to interact with.  A bowling league,  a YMCA workout group, a church group that shares common interests with you, etc.    You can begin to replace those "bad group” memories with “good group” memories.


Little boy getting bullied.



7 - A dog could represent your link to the animal world.  Do you have a love for animals and helping them?

Do you love all animals and care about their wellbeing?   Then, your inner self may just be showing you that by repeated dreams of dogs.  

I say go with it.   

What you can do: 

  • Take your love for animals and get involved with a local rescue.  
  • Call your local pet store and ask if they have any volunteer opportunities where you can work with pets.
  • Look for ways to help homeless animals in need.   Be a foster pet parent until you can find them a good home.

Sometimes we dream of animals.



8 - A puppy could represent your childhood memories happy or sad.


If the puppy is you when you were a kid, you could be subconsciously reliving a memory from your childhood.

Think back to when you were a kid.  


Was there exceptional good or bad things that happen to you?

What you can do:

1 - If they are good memories, then relish that puppy dream!

2 - If they are bad memories, then work with a therapist to peel back the layers of pain so that you can begin to heal.


A puppy could represent you as a child.



9 - A loving dog could represent your desire to be in a close, loving relationship or that you just greatly desire a dog.

If you feel the dog in your dream is loving, then your desire to be loved and love may be manifesting itself in your dreams.

Not a bad thing now is it?

What you can do:


1 - Keep your mind and heart open to loving and caring relationships, whether with a new dog or new person!

2 - Don’t be afraid to give away love first.    You might just be surprised what comes back to you 2 and 3 fold!

3 - Free love, unconditional love - Giving without ever expecting one thing back in return.    Just live from your heart and amazing love will find it’s way back to you, whether it is from a dog, person or both!


Dogs can show great love to their humans.




Dreaming about your dog or dogs, in general, can be a sign of a deeper meaning.

It could be your subconsciousness trying to relive or solve an event from your past.    

The event could have been an enjoyable one like wonderful childhood memories.   Or a "not so good" event, like being bullied in school.

If your dream is annoying and recurring to you, then you should take a closer look to see if you can identify the symbolism in it.  It could be about a particular person in your past, yourself, of a need nestled deep inside of you.   

For unresolved and painful issues, it can be very helpful to seek out professional help to aid you in putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Once you do this and bring closure for yourself, it's likely that a "bad" dog dream will go away.

If it's a wonderful dream and full of happiness, then here's to more sweet and happy dreams about dogs!


What are you dreamin' about?   Dogs?

     Tell us all about it below...(before you forget!)     

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