“You can trust your dog to guard your house but never trust your dog to guard your sandwich.”
- Unknown ~
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Every dog has its day and I’m sure you love yours as much as we love ours.  Do you look forward to coming home and getting a good ole doggie greeting from your sweet dog or puppy?  We do believe that dogs are truly our best friends because of their unconditional love.   One way that we can show our gratitude and love back is to bring special items home with us like healthy dog treats and indestructible Dog Toys.    Our dogs love, love these and are always excited when they get something special.   They are especially eager to gobble up these chicken treats

So, have you ever heard or experienced "first hand" that cats are very different from dogs?   Well, let’s just say this is an understatement.    We have two cats in the office and they pretty much rule us and the two dogs!    Nonetheless, we adore our cats so very much and respect their unique personalities.    Please check out our cool cat stuff that your kitty will love to pieces.     A very important detail to pay attention to for indoor/outdoor cats is proper identification showing that they have had their rabies shot and belong to a home.     Your cat should always wear their cat collar with any identifying tags to ensure that they are not mistaken as wild and picked up by Animal Control.    This makes for a sad kitty and owner.   We absolutely love and recommend this Outer Space Cat Collar.    

If it hasn’t happened yet, it probably will.   Your sweet dog or cat will “mess up” inside your home and create a problem that you will need to resolve.  If your pet accidentally throws up or makes a boo boo on the floor, you can reverse the damage by using a pet odor eliminator or pet stain remover.   You may also need to have your pet checked out by a veterinarian if the problem keeps reoccurring.    They may have a more serious issue that needs medical attention.  

PetHangout is proud to carry a large selection of pet grooming supplies for your dirty little pet.  Always know the sensitivity of your pet to certain chemicals before giving them a bath.   If you are not sure, the best dog shampoo is one that is natural or oatmeal based like this soothing shampoo.  For in-between bath schedules, you can always freshen up your pet by using Bobbi Panter’s Gorgeous Dry Dog & Cat Spray.

Have you ever felt like your dog could get into trouble much like a two-year-old child can?    We do have to protect our pets and keep them safe from the dangers around them.    One way to do this is to erect a safety gate to keep them in the preferred area of the home.    This will prevent them from getting near harmful chemicals or just plain getting into trouble!   We need to be proactive and anticipate the proper dog care that our pet needs before they need it.

When traveling or at home with your companion, you will want to have the appropriate accessories to make life for you and your pet as easy as possible.  Dog car seats are a safe way to let your dog travel with you.    In the home, dog furniture can help your dog get around, especially if they are older or have arthritis.   For example, you can place dog steps for beds beside your bed to give your pet a little boost when climbing up.

Whatever your pet needs are, you can trust Pet Hangout to provide only the best pet supplies and solutions

that will increase the quality of life for you and your pet.