The coziest of dogs beds, cots, crates, and playpens for your dog or puppy!

PetHangout carries a huge assortment of the most comfortable bedding for your pet!   Our Bedding Collection from the Cool Dogs category has something for every type of dog, large or small, indoor or outdoor.     Your pet should fit nicely in or on their bed to get the best sleep ever - so you should pay attention to bedding dimensions and the size of your pet.   Our dog beds make for a well rested, happier and healthier dog.

Among our  assortment:

  • Lounging beds - Your pet will love to feel tucked in with these lovely beds
  • Cots - Dogs absolutely love cots.   It's like a mini-trampoline sleep haven.
  • Crate / Pens - Safe and secure with beauty to add
  • Outdoor beds - We did not want to forget all of our outdoor babies
  • Luxury Beds - For the spoiled and pampered pooch for sure.
  • Orthopedic Beds - These beds will relieve pressure on joints and reduce swelling for your senior dog.

Looking for something?   Please drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.    We will bend over backwards to find your item!

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