ID Tags

ID Tags

ID Tags that make it so easy for anyone to access information about your pet's home!

PetHangout proudly offers QR coded dog id tags from our Collars and Harnesses line.    Why a QR code on the tag you ask?   When someone finds your pet, they can contact you in 1 or 3 ways:   scanning the code, text a picture of the code, or go online to the website.    There the person will be able to retrieve your contact information!    This is such a smart tag to place on your pet and is one of our Cool Picks!   

Some Details:                                                                     Among our Asssortment:

  • No Annual Fee                                                              -- QR coded - This Help Me Home id tag says it all
  • Update pet's info 24/7                                               -- Tag Silencers - Cover your pet's tag to stop the noise when they move
  • Free online pet profile                                                -- Tag Clips - easy to move tag to another collar with this pink tag clip
  • Made in the USA

Questions about our tags for dogs?   Drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.   We will find your answer!

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