Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle? ........... Too many cheetahs.
- ~ Unknown ~
Introducing a new kitty to the family dog? Sit beside the dog, keep them still, and pet them while kitty comes over when ready.
- ~ Pet Hangout ~

Cat Food

Cat Food

Is your cat zany silly when it comes to waiting on you to feed them?

Our collection of the best cat food items from the Cool Cats category has something for every cat or kitten.    PetHangout knows you love to spoil your cat so we have went to great lengths to find the best of the best for your sweet kitty.    Throw some lavish love at your kitty today!

Among our  assortment:

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Cat Bowl - Fish

 Cat Bowl – FishPetHangout is taking your kitty fishing with our Cat Bowl – Fish.&..


Cat is Good Dish

 Cat Is Good DishPetHangout is bringing your kitty the best ever with our Cat Is G..


Cat Mat

Dimensions: 19 x 12.75 x 5 inches ..


Cat Treats - Meowtinis

Soft and moist, Meowtinis cat treats are a sophisticated full bodied cat treat made with delicate bu..


Cranberry Cabernet Cat Treats 3 oz.

Cranberry Cabernet cat treats full bodied flavour agrees with any cat's sophisticated taste. For..


Ecoware Cat Dish

 Ecoware Cat DishPetHangout is bringing your kitty earth friendly bowls with ..


Ecoware Cat Dog Dish

 Ecoware Cat Dog DishPetHangout is bringing your furry friends the best with our E..


Ecoware Pet Dish

 Ecoware Pet DishPetHangout is bringing your pet earth friendly bowls with ou..


Meow Merlot Soft & Moist Cat Treats 3 oz.

Meow Merlot treats are a savory medium bodied turkey formula cat treat made with tart cherry juice a..


Meowgaritas Soft & Moist Cat Treats 3 oz.

Meowgaritas treats are a fun Mexican inspired cat treat. Deliciously formulated with tuna and a hint..


Meowjito Soft & Moist Cat Treats 3 oz.

Meowjito treats are a refreshingly inspired cat treat. Mouth-wateringly formulated with white fish a..


Meowmosa Soft & Moist Cat Treats 3 oz.

Meowmosa cat treats are a great morning treat for you cat. A delicious salmon formula with a hint of..


Pebbles Oval Cat Diner

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Polka Dot Prince Pet Dish

Polka Dot Prince Pet DishPetHangout is helping your pet dine in a classy way with our ..


Polka Dot Princess Pet Dish

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