"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language."
- Martin Buber
Be careful what you toss to your dog to eat. Too many spices and seasoning could cause diarrhea.
- ~ Pet Hangout ~



Is your dog always hungry?  Let's face it, our dogs love to eat...

PetHangout has everything you need in one spot to make your dog's dining experience an A+.  We continue to add quality items to our Feeding Collection from our Cool Dogs category.  Our dog's are creatures of habit, so make sure you are creating a good schedule for feeding.   This helps them keep anxiety down and maintain healthy eating habits.

Among our  assortment:

  • Feeding & Water Bowls - From functional to ultra cuteness
  • Mats - these are great for protecting your floor and keeping messes in one spot
  • Treats - awesome for rewarding, teaching, and making your dog's tail wag

If you need something we do not have, please drop a note or call 877-860-1278.   We will work extra hard to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

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All Natural Berry Treats - Medium

 All Natural Berry Treats – MediumPetHangout is bringing some delish cherries and ..


All Natural Berry Treats – Small

 All Natural Berry Treats – SmallPetHangout is bringing some luscious fruit to you..


All Natural Chicken Treats - Medium

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All Natural Chicken Treats - Small

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Big Dog Lunch Box

 Big Dog Lunch BoxPetHangout is feeding the “big dawgs” with our  Big Do..


Brew Buddies Brew Sticks

 Brew Buddies Brew SticksPetHangout is helping you share special moments with your..


Brew Buddies Chews Medium

 Brew Buddies Chews MediumPetHangout is giving your dog something to gnaw on with ..


Brew Buddies Chews Small

Brew Buddies Chews SmallPetHangout is driving your pup crazy with our Brew Buddie..


Brew Buddies Dark Malted Treat

 Brew Buddies Dark Malted TreatPetHangout is driving your dog crazy with our ..


Brew Buddies Malted Barley Treat

 Brew Buddies Malted Barley TreatPetHangout has the coolest treats ever with our&n..


Cat Treats - Meowtinis

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Cranberry Cat Treats

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Ecoware Cat Dish

 Ecoware Cat DishPetHangout is bringing your kitty earth friendly bowls with ..


Ecoware Cat Dog Dish

 Ecoware Cat Dog DishPetHangout is bringing your furry friends the best with our E..


Ecoware Pet Dish

 Ecoware Pet DishPetHangout is bringing your pet earth friendly bowls with ou..