What’s a cat’s favorite TV show?A: Claw and Order.LOL!!
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Is your pet jealous of another pet.Pet them first, pet the others, pet them last!They will learn this routine and be happy again!
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Dog Belly Bands

Dog Belly Bands

Your male doggie marking everywhere he possibly can??

PetHangout offers a new concept in dog belly bands from our Training Collection.     Instead of the same saturated belly band that leaks and makes a mess, think about a belly band with a twist.  The better fitting band also has a 'p pocket' inside made from 100% absorbent terry cloth.  The pocket is removable and washable.   You will be amazed at how much water this pocket can hold.   Great for dogs with bladder or territorial marking issues!

Among our assortment:

  • Brown Studded Suede - The brown suede band even has fashionable studs.  He may as well strut around in style!
  • Camo - This camo belly band helps your dog get in touch with his wild side.
  • Blue - A good looking and functional belly band.

Questions on our belly bands?   Drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.   We will find your answer in a jiffy!

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P-Pocket Belly Band - Blu Out Of Stock

P-Pocket Belly Band - Blu

  P-Pocket Belly Band  Looking for a fresh and new idea for a be..


P-Pocket Belly Band - Brn Out Of Stock

P-Pocket Belly Band - Brn

 P-Pocket Belly Band  - Brown Want your dog to look stylish while weari..


P-Pocket Belly Band - Camo Out Of Stock

P-Pocket Belly Band - Camo

  P-Pocket Belly Band  - Camo Get your doggie in full style toda..