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Cat Towers

Cat Towers

Cats want to be high up or tucked away so that they can rest, observe, and feel safe.

The Cat Tower Collection from our  Cool Cats category has something for every type of kitty.    Whether your cat wants to hide high up or lower and toward the floor, PetHangout is certain that you can find the perfect hideway or lookout spot for your cat or kitten.    Our towers also provide overall exercise and claw management when they are moving up and down the tree.  

Among our  assortment:

  • Higher towers - Let your cat climb up into their "lookout tower" and have an overview of the whole room!  They will feel so safe and secure in this hide away cat tower!
  • Low and cave like - What kitty doesn't like to sneak away and hide.  They will love peeking out at you in this cute Mouse Cat Cave.
  • Window seats - If your cat loves to peer out of a window to view wildlife, this window cat perch is the ticket!

Questions?   Drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.   We will do flips to get the right answers to you!

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