“You can trust your dog to guard your house but never trust your dog to guard your sandwich.”
- Unknown ~
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Cool Dogs

Unique Dog Supplies that will make your dog wag their tail with delight!

PetHangout carries wonderful and unique dog supplies and is constantly searching for new products based on our research and your feedback.    We value your opinion and always desire to hear from you.   If you have specific dog stuff that you would love for us to carry, please drop us a quick note and tell us all about it.

Check out our video pick this week – silly dogs!

 Among our assortment:

  • Our natural dog treats will have your dog performing tricks you only imagined in your dreams.     Dog treats are a valuable asset to have in your pocket when you are working with your dog in training.   They are a positive motivator for reinforcing good behavior and can be used to obtain the right attitude from your dog or puppy.     It is a good idea to have different treats for different purposes so that your pet will learn that they only get that “special and wonderful treat”  when they obey your commands.
  • We love to dress up our doggies and make them look ever so cool with cute and fun dog clothes.    For smaller dogs, our assortment of small dog clothes and dog bows are a perfect combination.   This completes their look and gets them picture ready.   For larger dogs,  how fun is it to dress them up in dog costumes or hip dog shirts.    We know your dog is part of the family and what better way to bring laughter and joy to everyone than to dress them up for a family pic!
  • Dogs love to play and play and then play some more.    We have a huge assortment of different types of toys to meet your dog’s curiosity and energetic needs.    For the avid “chewer” and “ripper”, please consider buying your pet indestructible dog toys.   This is the best deal for your money and ensures that the toy stays in play as long as possible.   For the inquisitive type, the best dog toys allow interaction and surprise to keep your pet engaged.
  • Dogs love a secure place to lay their head down for a nap.  This is their haven to feel protected, loved and at peace.   We have the best selection of dog beds so that your pet can get their rest.  Also, please check out our cool dog houses for those dogs that love to live outside.  Our rustic dog house even has a front porch for shade that your dog will want to scoot under when the summer sun is so hot.

PetHangout is confident that you will find the perfect puppy and dog accessories and encourage you to look around.   If you have any questions about our products or articles, we are easy to find ~~  Send a message or call: (877) 860-1278.

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