Dog Dental Chews

Dog Dental Chews

Take advantage of your dog's chew urges - get a Dental Chew for healthier teeth and gums!

PetHangout happily offers fun Dog Dental Chews  from our Health & Safety Collection.     You might as well make your dog's chewing habit count.  Satisfy two needs at once - your dogs insatiable desire to chew and the need to keep their teeth and breath in great condition.  The gnawing and chewing will invigorate their gums, strip tarter from their teeth, strengthen their muscles and bones in the jawline and increase blood flow throughout their head.    Can you say fun & healthy?

Among our products:

  • Rings - These large dental rings have polishing paper that actually brushes the teeth.  Be sure to check before and after - unbelievable.
  • Ball - The soft spines on the balls promote healthy teeth and gums.   
  • Treats - Healthy dog treats like crunchy apple and peppermint to erase tarter and bad breath!

Chewing on a question?   Drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.   We've got your answers!

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