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Dog and Cat Lovers, Pet Parents, and all of you who want

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We have been eagerly awaiting your arrival here at PetHangout!


           Our company was formed in 2008 by a gal named Donna Millwood.     She had an inner burn to bring to the online market a very different and  "one of a kind" resource for pet supplies and articles.  Our love for all things furry and four-legged drives everything we do.    From researching hot new products to creating the most informative articles to giving you our rock bottom price,  a commitment to excellence for you and your pet is our # 1 priority and reason for existing.

           We WILL NEVER rest until our products, customer service, and helpful articles are the very best to be found.  We truly care about you and your pets and are excited for the chance to prove it.  Give us a try - you’ll see  smiley


What you get:

  •  Secure and safe shopping - Settle down and know with confidence your sensitive data is safe here.
  •  Free shipping on orders 49.99 and over - Oh yea, this is sweet.
  •  Price Match guarantee - No one will undersell us, even if we have to sell at cost.
  •  Loyal customer incentives - You continue to shop and buy, we reward you handsomely.
  •  Customer Service like nobody’s business - You reach out to us with an issue, we will break our necks to fix it.
  •  Returns -  Up to 30 days.
  •  Personalized product development - If you want a product we do not carry, tell us - We will kick butt to get it added.


Our Management team:                                    

 •   Drake - Doberman Lab Mix:   

Product Manager – Drake tests every product to its maximum potential.

 •   Gracie - Shih Tzu:   

Fashion Designer:  Gracie has retired after 14 years of devoted service.

 •   Grey - Black domestic:

Social Media:  Grey is our social media maven and works tirelessness behind the scenes.

 .   Sam – Orange Tabby:   

Marketing Guru:  Sam is a big talker and showman.                                          

•   CJ - Calico:

The Boss!   CJ tells everyone else what to do and when to do it.


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