What do you give a dog with a fever??A: Mustard! It's the best thing for a Hotdog!! LOL
- Unknown ~
Kitty or pup chewing your cords to shreds?Unplug, rub real lemon on them, let dry, plug in!
- ~ Pet Hangout ~



Your doggie more curious than those ole cats?   You've got to challenge her or him with a puzzle! 

PetHangout smartly offers dog puzzle toys as part of our Dog Toys Collection.     Your dog the inquisitive one?   We've got great puzzles for them to discover.   Start your pet gradually by working them up through levels of our puzzles.   Watch their problem solving skills soar and make your dog the top of the class!

Among our assortment:

  • Level 1 -  Start your pup or dog off with our basic level.  They will learn to pull and lift to get to their fav treat.
  • Level 2 -  Our poker box has different challenges to master before they can get their treat.  An intermediate level.
  • Level 3 -  Your dog will need patience, persistence, and rhythm to master our snack spinner.

Questions on our puzzles?   Please drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.    We are pretty smart in finding your answers!

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Gamble Box - L1

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Poker Box - L2

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Snack Spinner - L3

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Tricky Treat Ball - Large

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Tricky Treat Ball - Small

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