Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle? ........... Too many cheetahs.
- ~ Unknown ~
Introducing a new kitty to the family dog? Sit beside the dog, keep them still, and pet them while kitty comes over when ready.
- ~ Pet Hangout ~

Dog Bandanas

Dog Bandanas

Up your dog's cool factor - Buy them a hip Dog Bandana today!

PetHangout offers the coolest dog bandanas presented from our Dog Apparel line.   Our bandanas add a fun side to your pet.  Tie one of these cute bandanas on your doggie and head out for a walk.   They will get some comments for sure!

Among our assortment:                                                           

  • Cute Quotes - This treat junkie bandana is so appropriate for all dogs!
  • NFL and MBA - Get your dog's game on with these sport bandanas -  This Bronco dog bandana can be purchased in other team logos too.
  • Collegiate - Who doesn't love to root for their favorite college team?  This Alabama bandana can be purchased in other team logos too.

Wondering about something?   Drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.   We are already tied up working on your answer!

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Halloween Dog Bandana New

Halloween Dog Bandana

Halloween Dog BandanaPetHangout is getting your dog ready to trick or treat with our Hallow..


Baseball Dog Bandana

   Baseball Dog Bandana Are you and your dog in love with Ma..


Big Butt Dog Bandana

   Big Butt Dog Bandana This bandana rides on th..


Big Deal Dog Bandana

    Big Deal Dog Bandana Does your do..


Bitches Love Me Dog Bandana

   Bitches Love Me Dog Bandana One of our proven Best..


Collegiate Dog Bandana

   Dog Bandanas - College Teams Are you and your dog ready..


Diva Dog Bandana

    Diva Dog Bandana Do you have a prissy li..


I'm The Reason Dog Bandana

   I’m The Reason Dog Bandana Do you sac..


Kurgo Reflect Dog Bandana

 Kurgo Reflect Dog Bandana Not your ordinary doggie bandana here!PetHangou..


Momma's Boy Dog Bandana

   Momma’s Boy Dog Bandana Is your dog a big ol..


NFL Dog Bandana

   NFL Dog Bandana Does your dog go bonkers for the National..


Obedience School Dropout Dog Bandana

   Obedience School Dropout Dog Bandana What grade di..


Pearl Necklace Dog Bandana

     Pearl Necklace Dog Bandana Pet..


Pumpkin Dog Bandana New

Pumpkin Dog Bandana

Pumpkin Dog BandanaPetHangout is getting your pooch ready for the Fall festivities with our..


Squirrelinator Dog Bandana

   Squirrelinator  Dog Bandana If your dog is ..