Training Pads / Sprays

Training Pads /  Sprays

Train your puppy without ruining your floors and your patience!

PetHangout a large selection of puppy training pads from our Training Collection.     We agree, potty training a puppy can be quite the challenge.   Stay strong and consistent.   Don't get discouraged.  Your puppy will figure things out if you stay calm, loving, and reward often for the right behavior!

Among our assortment:

Questions on pee pee training aids?   Drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.   We are checking our notepads for the answers!

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Potty Here Spray

  Potty Here Spray   Train your pup to "go" exactly in the right spot -..


Dog and Cat Repellent

  Dog and Cat Repellent   Need to stop your pup or kitty from "going" i..


Economy Puppy Training Pads

  Economy Puppy Training Pads   Simplify house training your pup for an economica..


Extra Large Training Pads

  Extra Large Training Pads   Need a larger and more absorbent pad to trap yo..


Floor Protection Pads - Reg10

  Floor Protection Pads - Reg10   Looking for a leak proof pad for your floor? ..


Floor Protection Pads - Reg50

  Floor Protection Pads - Reg50   6 layer Floor Protection Pads for your puppy! ..


Floor Protection Pads - XL10

  Floor Protection Pads - XT10   Need a larger pad for better floor coverage..


Floor Protection Pads - XL50

  Floor Protection Pads - Xl50   Extra large pads for more floor coverage and pro..


Pee Post - Yard

  Pee Post - Yard   Want your dog to go potty in a certain area of your yar..


Pet Training Pads

  Pet Training Pads   Your doggie need a little help with his potty solutions? ..


Potty Training Aid

    Potty Training Aid   Need help training your doggie to potty in a c..


Puppy Training Pads - 50

  Puppy Training Pads - 50   Want to feel good about the training pads you us..


Puppy Training Pads - Eco

Environmentally friendly alternative to the original pads   The innovative construct..


Puppy Training Spray

  Puppy Training Spray   Train your puppy to potty in all the right places!! P..


Quilted Pet Training Pads

  Quilted Pet Training Pads - Large   Need a larger training pad for your pup? ..