Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle? ........... Too many cheetahs.
- ~ Unknown ~
Introducing a new kitty to the family dog? Sit beside the dog, keep them still, and pet them while kitty comes over when ready.
- ~ Pet Hangout ~


Pet Grooming Supplies to give your dirty lil’  dog or cat a beautiful makeover.

PetHangout  searches high  and low to bring you the very best pet grooming supplies that will make a difference in taking care of your dog or cat.    Are you frustrated with persistent hygiene issues with your pet?    Take heart and search no further.   We are certain you will find the perfect remedies to your tough pet grooming issues.   If you know of  specific  grooming supplies  for your pet  that you would love for us to carry, please drop us a quick email at contactus@pethangout.com or send us a message.

 Among our assortment:

  • Before you begin grooming your pet, it is important to assess your pet’s  current coat condition.   Make sure you check for hair mats that are very close to the skin because you will want to be extra careful around these areas.    You should use special dog grooming tools to  brush out as much of the hair as possible first.    If you have a de-shedding tool, you should use next for thick coats.  This type of tool aids you in removing loose hair that is underneath the top coat.    This will help your pet shed a bit less in the future too.     If you see matting close to the skin, you will want to try to cut or shave these off.   I know, I know it sounds terrible but this is the least stressful and painful method for your sweet pet.    Now that your pet is prepped, it’s time for the bath!
  • Our dog bath products exist to address any issue  from the smelliest of dogs to the most sensitive of skin.    If you haven’t ever bathed your dog, we suggest you begin with a mild dog shampoo  to make sure your dog does well before moving to a stronger type.    We always want to keep the health and safety of our pet as top priority.   Reminder:   always start with your dog’s head and gently work around eyes and mouth first, then back toward the neck and underneath the mouth. You may also want to apply eye ointment to protect your dog’s eyes.    If your dog should have fleas this helps keep them moving in a direction where you will be bathing next.    You will want to keep moving down the body and end with the tail before rinsing.  We recommend a double rinse to ensure all soap is gone.   Any soap residue left on  your pet will tend to dull their coat and irritate their skin.
  • After your dog is nice and clean, you will want to pat their hair dry.   Never rub with a towel because this will put hair mats back into their coat.     If your dog is calm enough, you can use a  hair dryer  on warm (not hot) air to dry their coat.     Also, be sure you are not holding the tip of the dryer too close to their  skin to avoid heat rashes and burns.  Lastly, you can use special tools such as clippers or trimmers in order to achieve the perfect look for your pampered pet! 
  • After you have finished trimming, it is time to treat your pet to our spa items that will make them feel extra special and loved!    Our organic pomegranate and fig fragrance spray not only is a long lasting smell good for your dog but also calms them down.   If your dog’s coat is course or dry after shampooing, be sure to rub this  Vegan Dog Lotion into their coat and skin.   This luxurious lotion will moisturize dry skin, eliminate static, and frees tangles.

PetHangout is honored that you have stopped in to find your perfect pet grooming supplies.    If you have any questions about our  products, please email  us: contactus@pethangout.com or call: (877)860-1278.   



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